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Miss Pole Dance NSW - DOUBLE TROUBLE!!

MPD also has a doubles section! here is the first gorgeous double act!!

Training, Training, Training.

Right now it feels like my life is work, train, eat, sleep, repeat. Not that I'm complaining, I actually love it, not so much the work part though, work seems to get in the way of all the fun stuff that I want to do. Unfortunately work is a necessary evil so that I can pay for all the pole and sparkly things I love so very much.

Back to the point. 
Sunday is when I do pretty much all of my training, because of work (see pesky work ruining my fun again!) I can't make it to any other practice times. This Sunday I got to the studio at about 10:30am.... four hours later I had my routine pretty much finished (just a few little tweeks here and there) and a hunk of skin missing from my right shin.. OUCH!! How did I manage that? just doing a spinning climb, nothing to special (it's actually not the first time I've ripped skin off my shin doing to much pole in a day). Its' about 3cm long and 2 cm wide, which doesn't sound like it's that bad, but oh my god it kills! An…

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No12


Haters gunna hate

So the other morning Cleo updated her status showing a comment that was left on the video of her winning routine from Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012/2013 on YouTube and it got me thinking about all the nasty comments that people write on photo's and videos on the internet. 

It's so easy to hide behind a computer and write exactly what you think about someone else's video or photo etc, and forget that the video is of an real person, with real feelings who will see the horrible things that you wrote. Though what was written on Cleo's video wasn't the worst comment I've heard about or seen on YouTube but still, this person didn't really need to make a comment about her " tacky underpants and face" (FYI they're called hotpants), they really could have just written the nice part about her flexibility and drive to be creative. Seems as though no one taught this person that if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Peo…

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No11


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No10


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No9


One month to go.

This morning I looked at the date on my phone and it hit me, it's exactly a month until the heats. All I could think was "HOLY SHIT BALLS!!" Where exactly has the time gone? It seemed like only a few weeks ago I was deciding on a theme and trying to find music, now there's only 4 and a half weeks to go? 

Now it seems to be the time that the panic is setting in and I start wondering what idiot thought that it would be such a fantastic idea to enter MPD? Especially now as each day a new contestant is announced. It's great in a way because I'm the type of person who likes to know what they're heading into, I hate the unknown and prefer to have as much information as possible so I can know what to expect. Also I'm nosey, I'll admit it. However, in some ways for me it's not so great, because this is when I start comparing myself to all the other girls that are entering, how strong they are, how flexible they are etc and once again I end up going bac…

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No8


My little book of tricks

About three years ago I was in a stationery store just browsing (I love stationery stores), looking through the notebooks I decided I had to buy one, but like most purchases I make in life, did I really need it? what was I going to do with another notebook? Then it hit me, I'll start a "Pole book" so I can write down things that I need to work on, so that when I went into the studio to practice I wouldn't end up doing what I usually did and stand around chatting or watching what the other girls were doing because I'd totally forgotten what I'd planned to do that day.
I love my pole book! I carry it with me pretty much everywhere, because as I've discovered over the last few years I tend to have my best ideas at the most random times and places. 
When I first got it I didn't use it much, mainly just put in pictures of moves that I wanted to get and (if I knew how) the explanation of how to do them. But over time it's gotten fuller with ideas of my ow…

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No7


One of my favourite quotes


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No6


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No5


Another Video of my performance at Bobbis Pole Studio Amateur Night last week.

Thanks Jaxie xxx

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No4



Splitting in public not enough for you? Planking not your thing? Well Diesel Darling has come up with a new craze for you all to take part in.. Splanking!

What's Splanking I hear you ask? Well it's simple mathematics really. Splitting + Planking = Splanking!

Want to get involved? OF COURSE YOU DO!! Then go to the Splanking Facebook Page to see all the photos up so far and add your own!!

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No3

and then shit got real.....


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No2

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No2


and the entries have closed.

Entries closed last night for the heats for Miss Pole Dance NSW (and all other states apart from WA where the heats have already been and gone).

From Sunday the Bobbis Sydney facebook profile will be uploading a profile of each of the NSW contestants each day.

1st Up

This is also her first year entering MPD.. So nice to have a friend to share the whole experience with :)

Bobbis Pole Studio Amateur Night July 2012

I love Amateur night!! It's always so much fun, but usually I don't get to watch much of it because I'm running around like an idiot getting myself or Chilli organised. Last night though, because all of the performers were at the end of the night (after the actual competitors) I got to see about 90% of the girls strut their stuff!

Last night things were run a little differently than usual, instead of all the girls from Beginners to Advanced competing against each other for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place it was broken down into 3 Sections Beginners and Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 3 then Prep Advanced and Advanced, with one winner for each section. I think this was part of the reason so many girls (I think there were about a total of 19) entered, because lets face it, what Intermediate 1 Studen wants to compete against an Advanced Student?

All the shows I saw were beyond fantastic, everyone put so much effort into their routines, themes, costumes and hair and ma…

July 9 - 16 Bringing Sexy Back with United Pole Artists

Move over Justin Timberlake because Pole Dancers all over the world are bringing sexy back like it's never been brought before!!

Since United Pole Artists announced last week that they were declaring 9-16 July "Bringing Sexy back week" my Facebook feed has been flooded with the poster of Alethea Austin, along with girls (and guys) declaring to get their sexy on! AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!
I'm all about the sexy side of pole dancing, and I honestly don't understand how anyone can pole dance without unleashing some kind of sexy. I don't get the whole pole fitness thing where you just do trick after trick after trick, to be honest, when watching videos like that on YouTube or even live performances like that I tend to zone out. There is really only so many times that I can watch the same tricks done over and over again by different people before it all becomes mush in my head (that also may have something to do with my very short attention span and the fact…

Personal Trainers are evil sadistic bastards!

As part of my training for MPD I not only train on the pole, I also try to make it to the gym at least twice a week (only twice because I'm at the studio for class or training 4 days a week). And because I do tend to wander around the gym looking at the equipment more so than using it I decided to hire a Personal Trainer to help me.

The first trainer I had a few months ago decided to go back to his old job which I was a bit bummed about, he however passed on my details to one of the other trainers there that he told me, in his opinion, was the best. Starting with a new PT is a little bit of a pain as you have to go through that whole "I need to test what you can do" process again, which can either leave you in so much pain the next day you can barely hold a pen let alone dress yourself, or you don't get a work out as hard as what you usually do.

My current PT, loves Kettlebells, (I love them too, until I have to use them. Then I would like to throw a 24kg Kettlebell…

Remember when I told you about Erotic Aerobics?

Well if you wanna see what goes on in Chilli's Erotic Aerobics class check out this video!

P.S. Chili Rox get your hands off my man!!!

I whip my hair back and forth

This week was a pretty exciting week for me, as part of my routine for MPD I wanted to have really long hair, and because it would be impossible for me to grow my hair to the length that I want it to be by the heats I decided ages ago that I would get hair extensions!!

I have pretty long hair already, so I decided to get 22 inch ones, which is pretty bloody long. I was a bit worried that it was going to be to long and I'd end up choking myself when I was on the pole, but figured it was better to get them long and be able to trim them up if needed than get 18 inch ones put in and find out they were to short.

Anyway, after the consult on Saturday morning to match my hair colour it was like time stopped and I had to wait forever till Thursday night to get them put in! Like a child I counted down the sleeps till my appointment. I also had the added excitement of doing a fair bit of online shopping during the week which did not help cause I ended up over excited and bouncing off the wall…