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Rolling around on the floor, no one does it quite like Alethea

I have a few pole idols, and they all have one thing in common (apart from being awesome), they're all really fluid dancers. Dancing with seamless transitions is one of my big goals and anyone who can pull it of is amazing in my books.

One of these idols in particular is Alethea Austin, I love watching her dance, not just on the pole but her floor work as well. I find it completely mesmerising.

Today Alethea uploaded a video to youtube that is what she does to warm up, it is, in my opinion, breathtaking. Free standing elbow stands, body rolls the works. No one rolls around on the floor like Alethea Austin! I've vowed to work harder on my floor work so that I stop doing the same thing over and over again, as well as my elbow stands. I've never really been to fussed about learning how to do it until watching Alethea's video! I'm feeling super motived and inspired right now so thank you Alethea!!

Here's the video if you want to watch it!! (of course you do!)

Billie xxx

Kicking Carbs to the Curb!

So pretty much as soon as I walked off stage after my routine at MPD I've done nothing but eat, and eat crap (well for about 2 weeks). For about the last week and a bit I've been eating better, with the odd slip up here and there (who can say no to birthday cake?).

Lately though, I've been noticing how absolutely gross I feel, I know why, because it always happens after I eat something high in carbs, like bread or white rice, or sugar. Seriously I ate so much sugar on Sunday and I've never felt so sick so quickly. I've come to my own conclusion that while I love carbs, my body doesn't. So here starts project cut out the carbs! Not only so I can loose weight but so I can feel better too, I hate feeling gross, but most of all I hate feeling sick.

I've been telling a friend of mine how much I admire her body, that I love that she is toned and fit but still looks like a woman. And she keeps telling me, cut out the carbs, eat lots of protein. So here I am, back at…

Exciting Times!

The year is almost over  (well we're three quarters of the way through it practically)!! It seems as though the year is just flying by!! 
Bookings at Bobbis for the final term of the year opened today (or if you're a VIP bookings opened yesterday), and Christmas party plans are in full swing and there seems to be lots going on in the Pole World here in Aus (well Sydney to be exact)

BadAzz Workshop
On the 13th of October BadAzz will be at Bobbis for a workshop so if you want to learn some really cool tricks book into that one! It's $85 and goes from 3.30 til 5pm.
I won't be able to make it... I'll be to busy getting ready for my date with Adam Levine the Maroon 5 Concert! Woohoo!!
Chole for Charity
If, like me, you haven't tried out Chole yet and want to give it a go while supporting a great cause then grab a friend, your favourite animal print outfit and book into Bobbis Chole for Charity on Saturday 20th October!! (Note: You must be in inter 3 or above). It's 35…


Okay I'm really really excited about this, not only because I've watched Cleo train and work on this project but because it's just simply amazing (yes I got a sneak peek this morning when I got up for work and let me tell you it was totally worth almost missing my train for work for)

take a seat, and get ready (and if you can make sure you watch this on a decent size screen, a phone screen isn't going to do it justice)

Congrats Hurri!!! all your hard work paid off and the end result is incredible 


Miss Pole Dance Australia Finals!!

Or as I like to call it Pole-mas! Where pole dancers all over Australia make their way to the Enmore Theatre to worship and give thanks for the creation of pole dancing!

Tickets are on sale now!! If you haven't got yours yet then get on to Ticketek now!! The finals are on the 10th November (a Saturday so no need to rush after work YAY!!) 
This years finalists are:
Ruby - WAChelle - QLDAmber - NSWRosie - SAKristy Sellers - VICLou Landers - VICMiss Filly - VICJedda - NSWPorsche - NSWBrooke - NSWStacey - NSWJacinta - WAFontaine - VICLisa - VICShimmy - NSWDoubles
Enchanted - QLDBella/Pheonix - NSWPolicious/Baby Dolly Pole - VICAbsynthe - QLD
I'm really excited about the finals as per usual and to be honest this is probably the first time that I can't pick someone who I think will be a clear winner! I have my favourites of course but I think this year it's anyones game!! Good luck to all the finalists! (hopefully one day my name will be up there too!!)
I can't wait to …

It's coming...

Before she left for Berlin to start her next big adventure Cleo was working on a couple of projects. One being recording with her band Leopard Nation and their first single, Hey Boy,  was released yesterday on iTunes!! Do yourself a favour and go and buy it!! at $1.69 it's a bargain and it's a pretty awesome song so get to it!!

One of the other projects she was working on is due to be released soon... I know what it is, and while I haven't seen the final product you should all be pretty damn excited!! So keep a look out on Cleo's Facebook page!!


What next?

Now that MPD Heats have been over for a couple of weeks it's time to figure out what I'm going to start working on next?

After the heats I've pretty much been eating non stop, it's taking it's toll though, I know I've put some of the weight I lost back on and I feel pretty gross all the time, I pretty much haven't stopped eating since I walked off stage! My Birthday being the Monday after MPD gave me the perfect excuse to indulge, I've had cupcakes and chocolate and McDonalds and Pizza, all those yummy things that I thought I'd missed while I was dieting and now they just seem to leave me feeling sick. I did however enjoy my first ever bowl of curried sausages and rice for the year the Tuesday after. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love my mum's curried sausages so it great day when we had that for dinner, I practically inhaled it!!

I think my indulging has also affected my skin (not just the fact that I've had a massive break out on…

Some Photo's from Miss Pole Dance NSW Heats

To see the rest of the photos including all the other contestants click HERE!!


So now that MPD Heats are over and the Wild cards for the Final on November 10th have been announced, there are a few people I need to thank.

Georgia Moon - for taking the idea that was hidden in my head somewhere, and making it a reality.. the most AMAZING costume I have ever owned. You are a genius!

Slynk, for mixing my music, after my hours of attempting to do it myself ended up as a massive fail. It was perfect!

My Family, for not complaining to much about me being so absent this year, having only Sunday's to train on MPD related things by myself meant I missed out on a lot of family get togethers. Thank you for always being so supportive of me, not just for this journey but for my general love of pole. 

Mum, Dad and my sister Caitlin, thanks for putting up with me and what can only be described as my neurotic behaviour over the last 8 months. I haven't been the most pleasant person over that 8 months... but you still love me right?

Kylie and Case! Thanks so much for coming to …

Post for Pole Dance Aus!!

Here is a guest post I did for Pole Dance Aus on the heats for Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heats!!

Guest Post by Billie

You can follow her blog HERE !!!!



Haven't been to see Glam Rock Burlesque?? Here's a teaser!!

Glam Rock Burlesque is on at The Standard 11th September! get your tickets HERE !!!!!!