So now that MPD Heats are over and the Wild cards for the Final on November 10th have been announced, there are a few people I need to thank.

Georgia Moon - for taking the idea that was hidden in my head somewhere, and making it a reality.. the most AMAZING costume I have ever owned. You are a genius!

Slynk, for mixing my music, after my hours of attempting to do it myself ended up as a massive fail. It was perfect!

My Family, for not complaining to much about me being so absent this year, having only Sunday's to train on MPD related things by myself meant I missed out on a lot of family get togethers. Thank you for always being so supportive of me, not just for this journey but for my general love of pole. 

Mum, Dad and my sister Caitlin, thanks for putting up with me and what can only be described as my neurotic behaviour over the last 8 months. I haven't been the most pleasant person over that 8 months... but you still love me right?

Kylie and Case! Thanks so much for coming to the heats and for those awesome "Team Billie" shirts!! You girls are the best!!

Deb and Luke! I'm so glad after all these years of listening to me talk endlessly about pole that you finally got to come and see me in action! I'm so grateful that you got to make it! I hope you enjoyed it!

Sexy Lisa - Your support and encouragement from London cannot go with out mention.. NOW COME BACK!

Andre - The besets gay husband a girl could have, for believing in me and for taking me out for Sushi and calming me down when I had a meltdown a week before the heats. (I also need to thank Shanthi, Minx and Fi for helping calm me down that Sunday.. I was a freakn mess!)

Chilli Rox, my grub, what would I do with out you?? Thanks for being such an amazing teacher and inspiration. And for all the help and advise you gave me when I needed it. 

Ryder (aka. The Clown), Clown Chip! thank you for always being there when I needed someone to give me advise on my routine especially when I was second guessing everything I was doing. And most importantly for being honest when you thought something I chorey'd didn't look right. 

Hurri, I've thanked you so much over the past months, and it never ever seems like enough. So thank you again, for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself, for not complaining once when I asked you 50 million questions and always being happy to help. I could go on and on and on and on... but I won't lets just say you're amazeballs and finish there :P

To all my pole friends, thanks for all your support!! I appreciate it more than words can say! Special shout out to those who came on the night and screamed their guts out for me! You Rock! (Krystyna.. I will forever have etched in my memory you screaming out "I want your body" just before I went on, I have never laughed so hard before going on stage!).

I could go on and on and thank everyone individually, but this would probably end up being the worlds longest blog post so I won't. Just know that if you've had even the tiniest part in my MPD journey I really appreciate it :)



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