Injuries, sometimes they're a blessing in disguise

Okay, I'm going to get a little bit serious with this post, but I felt that telling this story was important.

In June 2010, while practising a chair routine with a friend, I dislocated my left knee. It was one of those moments, that as it was happening, I knew exactly what was happening, and I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was like a living in slow motion. Even writing this now and I can remember it and the feeling as clear as day.

After my knee cap popped out I fell to the floor in a heap and screamed, no one really new what was happening at first, an ambulance was called, and we waited for it to arrive (for over 45 mins). For most of those 45 mins I screamed and cried and tried not to throw up, while my friends stood around helpless watching me.

Before then I'd never dislocated anything before, and let me tell you, this was a pain I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I'm pretty sure I begged the girls to shoot me at some stage.

So after the Ambulance arrived (I gave them a few choice words which I won't repeat here) and they gave me two lots of pain medication so they could move me, I was loaded into the ambulance and off to Hospital.

I was so loaded up on pain meds that I can't remember being wheeled out of the studio or into the ambulance, I do remember however hitting on the paramedic hahaha.

This is what my knee looked like 24 hours after the dislocation.
(I don't have any photos of my knee when it was actually dislocated)

Anyway lucky for me my knee cap popped back into place all by itself on the way to the hospital so I didn't have to get a doctor to do it for me (I was NOT looking forward to that happening). After a few X-rays, I was sent home with a sexy full length leg brace and some crutches, and told to come back in a week and a half to see the Surgeon to find out if there was any major issues that would need to be sorted out.

My super sexy knee brace (My dog Max's fuffy butt in the background)
it weighed a tonne I had to lift my leg with my hands anytime I wanted to move in bed or
get out of bed it was a major pain in the butt.

Fast forward a week and a half (and it was a boring week of me sitting in bed watching TV not being able to do anything) to my appointment with the Surgeon. I was really worried about what he was going to say and how long I was going to have to have off pole. More X-rays revealed that there was a small shard of bone was floating around in my knee, Dr wasn't to worried about it, phew. Then I asked the big question. How long till I could go back to pole. His response (not his exact words but this is basically what he told me):

"Unless you can dance with a knee brace on I don't think that you'll be able too go back, you'll need a lot of physio first, but you'll definitely need a knee brace"


I cried all the way home, I cried when I called Chilli to tell her the news, I cried most of the afternoon. In my head he may as well have told me that I was going to die tomorrow (a bit dramatic I know). Mum didn't understand, she didn't think it was the end of the world, but to me it was. After another burst of tears while in the shower that evening, I stopped crying and thought to myself "screw that, not only will I go back to pole, but I will not need to wear a knee brace, or strap my knee. I'm going to prove this doctor wrong!" I booked in my first physio appointment and decided that I would do everything he told me to do, it might take some time, but I would be going back to classes. There was no other option.

After about 7 weeks of physio appointments and many sessions in the gym, I got the news that I was hoping to hear. I had the all clear from my Physio to go back to pole. No heels at that stage and no hanging off my left leg but who cares? I was going back!! I went into my first practice time a bit scared but slowly I got my confidence back. Then about a week or so later I was cleared to try some left leg hangs and not long after that I was back in my heels and I haven't looked back!

I learned a lot of things from dislocating my knee (other than don't dislocate your knee its bloody painful), I realised how much I actually loved pole, I mean I knew I loved pole, but I didn't really know just how much until there was a chance I wouldn't ever be able to do it again. I also learnt that if I put my mind to something I know I can do it. I really do believe it was a blessing in disguise, I've worked so much harder and am so much more grateful for everything I can do now.

The moral of this story, if you suffer a major injury, don't think that it's the end. See the right medical professional, do everything in your power to heal yourself, take your time and don't push it and listen to your body.

I'm not saying that everyone who injures themselves is going to have a happy ending like mine, but it's better to do everything you can to try and recover then to spend your life wondering.. What if?



  1. This is a great story to share Billie, very inspiring!

  2. Great post! So glad to hear that you recovered so quickly after a (presumably) pole-ending injury! My hip gives me heaps of trouble from when I got my first proper pole injury at the end of my first Prep term, and a physio told me I'd need laparoscopic surgery and six months of recovery-in-crutches... luckily I got a second opinion!

  3. OMG there is hope!this is great thank you.

    1. Of course there's hope! You're going to be fine hun! just do what ever you need to do to get you knees better!! xxxx

  4. Hey! So I know this was posted a while back but around 3 months ago I had a "traumatic knee dislocation" where my knee cap was very close to the back of my knee and I'm still recovering (brace, crutches and physio) and I really want to start learning like pole exercising/ dancing and I was just wondering if by any chance you know if I would be able to and if so what I would and wouldn't be able to do?

  5. Have you dislocated your kneecap since? I dislocated mine last month and I've been heartbroken because I've been looking forward to getting into pole dancing for so long. I just turned 18. I haven't gotten to do anything yet. Do you still pole dance?


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