Have you had a Polegasm today?

Well have you??

If you're reading this and you're a pole dancer you know exactly what I'm talking about, you just might not have called it a polegasm before.

Polegasm (noun): That intense wave of pleasure that goes through your body when a pole dancer gets overly excited about a new move they have either gotten for the first time or seen for the first time. Think about the first time you saw Felix Cane do the spatchcock, I'm pretty sure most of the people in the audience at the Enmore Theatre that night had a polegasm (I know I did), some probably even multiple polegasms (Yep that was me)!

The Spatchcock - Felix Cane

I'm going to claim the term "polegasm" as my own, because as far as I'm aware no one had ever used it before I did that monday night in Cleo's advanced class when, after seeing one of the girls do something really cool on the pole she (Cleo), got a bit over excited and I blurted out. "Oh my god Cleo, it sounds like you're having a polegasm" and that was pretty much that.

Me and Hurri (aka Cleo The Hurricane).
Cleo loves a good polegasm haha.

Since then I've tried to come up with more pole related words for fun to use in class, I call it "Polecabulary" so far the Polecabulary includes:

*Pole-heimers: used to describe the forgetful pole dancer who has obviously spent a bit to much time hanging upside down.

*Polemas: Christmas for pole dancers, for me Polemas is the Miss Pole Dance Australia Final. Where we all gather to celebrate the awesomeness that is Pole and crown Miss Pole Dance Australia.

*Foot Pole-lice: Those of us who sit there watching others and watching for un-pointed feet.

There are a few more I have but I might save them for another post. If you have any more that you would like to add let me know!!



  1. I'm hoping for one today, but I'll probably just be desperately trying to learn the Prep routine before next week... how does chorey leave my head so quickly? :(

    1. Haha I'm like that too.. especially with prep, it always falls out of my head as soon as I leave the studio.

      Cleo had two in MPA on Monday :) she is the Polgasm Queen!!

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