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Mr Pole Dance

This year marks a first in the competitive pole world, the first ever MALE ONLY Pole Competition!

Mr Pole Dance will be held at the Factory Theatre Marickville (Sydney) on the 31st May and is not just for the Aussie guys it's open to international dancers as well!! 

So fellas, if you want to enter you need to head to and download the application form and get it in by 28th February 2013! All the competition rules etc are on the site!

I can't wait to see the boys strut their stuff on stage! Tickets go on sale March 11th at Ticketek 

You can also look up the Mr Pole Dance Page on Facebook to keep up to date with everything leading up to the comp!!


Pole Candy 2013 Semi-Pro Championship

Entry's for the Pole Candy 2013 Semi-Pro Championship are open and can be downloaded HERE!!

Flexibility with Luxe

One thing I really want to work on more this year is my flexibility, over the break between terms Luxe ran two contortion workshops at Bobbis Gold and they were great, the first one we focused on splits and a bit of back bending and the second one on mainly back bending. 

This term I've enrolled in her flexibility class and after the first class today I'm pretty excited to see how much I can improve my flexibility.

I'm pretty flexible already, I can already do the splits on my left, right and centre, but when I do my front splits I always have my hips open instead of square. So that's my main goal at the moment, to get both my left and right splits with my hips completely square. I'm going to have to make sure that I stretch during the week when possible. I also want to improve my back and shoulder flexibility so I'll work on those as well. I also want to be able to get my leg behind my head in a leg mount on both sides as well as improve my overspilt in my middl…

One week to go!

Don't forget next Thursday on SBS at 11pm (in Australia) the Documentary Blood Sweat and Sequins will be aired!! So write it in your diary, set a reminder in your phone and set your IQ's to record! From the looks of the trailer it's going to be AMAZEBALLS!


My Routine from the Pole Dance Academy Bond Girls Comp Last Year

So I just realised that I totally forgot to post the video from the Pole Dance Academy Bond Girls comp last year. If I'm going to be totally honest it isn't the best performance I have ever done. 

After a few minor hiccups the Venue for the night was changed to The Club at Kings Cross the Wednesday before, having danced their before I knew the routine that I'd choreographed wouldn't work on the stage (the poles are pretty short) so I got to the venue a bit early to have a play on the poles and figure out what I could and couldn't do.  I have no idea what was going on with me that night, I had a couple of moments where I had mind blanks and did something silly like walk to the wrong pole (there is a speaker right near the pole on stage left that ends up getting kicked if you do anything that involves extending your leg) and at one stage I went to do a climb and half way through I decided not to because I remembered the pole was to short to do what I was going to do n…

Irina Savina

I love YouTube, every now and then you come across something amazing! I came across a video last year of a Russian Pole Dancer Irina Savina and I was left speechless. She is so strong and flexible and has the stamina of.... ummm .... something that has a lot of stamina. I was having a look at one of her videos this morning and realised that it had only been viewed about 295 times which is a shame because the she's incredible! I've attached a couple of her videos here you can check out the rest on her YouTube Channel


My Pole Goals for 2013

So it's a new year so time to set some new goals! AND STICK TO THEM!! I didn't really have many goals last year, I didn't write them down so I could make sure I worked for them, but this year that's going to change! 

First things first! I have a new pole book! It was hard to part with my old one, I love it, but it was falling apart so I decided it was time for an upgrade! Something a bit brighter so I went for a bright pink/orangeish number from Typo. I've also separated it into sections for certain performances/comps that I want to do this year. Each section has enough space for me to stick in pictures for costume ideas and write down combos and eventually the whole routine if I feel I need to! I also got one of Lou Landers Pole Goal Diary's for Christmas to help me be a bit more focused on what I want to achieve, it's fantastic, it has a section each month where you can write down your goals and two sections in the back to write more details on what your g…

Cleo's Hortizontal (Jade) Split Tutorial

For ages and ages I struggled with my horizontal (jade) split, it looked more like a special K than a flat straight line. 
I've been lucky enough over the last couple of years to have Cleo as one of my teachers and without these tips from her I would have never have gotten my split flat on the pole!!
So if you're struggling with getting your horizontal split flat check out Cleo's tutorial on Youtube!

She also has another tutorial on press hand stands as well :)


Stay and Play with Alethea!

Alethea Austin has to be one of the sexiest pole dancers around, her unique style has inspired many of us to get on the floor and unleash the sexy beast that is inside us all. With her DVD's we've all been lucky to have a bit of Alethea in our homes, but NOW if you're lucky and get yourself to Nashville you can stay with Alethea and get some one on one training!! 

So what do you get? and How much does it cost? Here's the information from Alethea's Facebook Page 

Want to Train with me and Sleep at my House?

In the next couple months I am hosting a limited amount of Travel-In guests

Roll With me, Stay with me, let me train you better than a 90min workshop. Have a Bud Light and let me tuck you in at night.

Packages start at $450 and Include
2 Days 2 Nights
2-3 Hrs a day POLE Private Training
1Hr Day Stretching
1Hr a Day Competition Prep, Goal Coaching
Lots of Fun and Trouble in Nashville xox Alethea


In my opinion this is a total b…

Another Bobbi Freestyle

Watching videos of Bobbi freestyle always reminds me how lucky I am to train at (IMO) one of the best pole studios in the world. 

Here's Bobbis latest freestyle if you haven't seen it...... those legs of her's go for days!!! (not to mention how effortless she makes everything look).


Rockin Legs n' Abs with Cleo the Hurricane DVD Trailer!

Pull on your leg warmers and your favourite leopard print hot pants and get ready for a workout!! 

Over the last few months Cleo has been working her butt off to release an amazing work out DVD, Rockin Legs n' Abs and you can check out the trailer for it NOW on Youtube!! It looks incredible and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! As some one who has been a victim had the pleasure of being tortured having their butt well and truly whipped by Cleo in her flex class (and in her class warm ups) I can guarantee it's going to be worth it!!  Not only that but you don't have to be a pole dancer to do the workout! it's for everyone!! 
Pre Orders will be open soon so keep an eye out on Cleo's Facebook Fan Page for more details! (she will be shipping them worldwide)
AND!!!!! Think the outfits the girls are wearing are awesome (I know I've been drooling over a few of the pieces)? Well they will also be available to purchase!! So if you haven't "LIKED" Cle…

Encore Sydney Pole Show

The performers for the Sydney Encore Pole Show 2013 have been announced!!! And guess who was chosen?? ME!!!!

I'm super excited to be a part of this, the line up is amazing!! I honestly can't believe that I will be sharing the stage with these incredible performers!! 

 If you're in Sydney on the 23rd of February and want to see some amazing pole shows including a show by the current Miss Pole Dance Victoria Kristy Sellers, Miss Pole Dance NSW Amber Ray you should come along. Tickets can be purchased online from the The Factory Theatre or call 02 9550 3666 (Tickets are $42)

You can view the full line up of performers on the Encore Sydney Pole Show Website