My Routine from the Pole Dance Academy Bond Girls Comp Last Year

So I just realised that I totally forgot to post the video from the Pole Dance Academy Bond Girls comp last year. If I'm going to be totally honest it isn't the best performance I have ever done. 

After a few minor hiccups the Venue for the night was changed to The Club at Kings Cross the Wednesday before, having danced their before I knew the routine that I'd choreographed wouldn't work on the stage (the poles are pretty short) so I got to the venue a bit early to have a play on the poles and figure out what I could and couldn't do.  I have no idea what was going on with me that night, I had a couple of moments where I had mind blanks and did something silly like walk to the wrong pole (there is a speaker right near the pole on stage left that ends up getting kicked if you do anything that involves extending your leg) and at one stage I went to do a climb and half way through I decided not to because I remembered the pole was to short to do what I was going to do next. All in all it wasn't the worst performance I've ever done but it certainly wasn't the best either.  But every performances is a learning experience. So what did I learn from this?

The main thing I took from this comp was to remember that as pole dancers we need to be able to adapt to changes at short notice. Having a venue change at the last minute is a pain especially when you've choreographed for taller poles or a bigger stage but it happens, and lets face it there aren't to many places that are "pole friendly". So if you have entered a comp and this happens, get there as early as you can and figure out what you can and can't do on the pole, and substitute anything you can't do. Also listen to your music a lot so that if worse comes to worse you can freestyle (also practice free-styling as much as you can, if you're anything like me I end up doing the same thing over and over again).

One more thing that I learnt, not just from this comp but I had this realisation at MPD. Don't stress about the poles, there is nothing you can do about the condition the pole is going to be in when you get on stage and stressing and worrying about it isn't going to change that or help you in anyway. Have faith in yourself that you know if the poles are slippery or not spinning or what ever that you can freestyle, no one knows you're routine so they aren't going to notice if you change a combo. 

On a bright note though one of the judges that night was Sergia Louise Anderson who won the Amateur Divison of USPDF, who I spoke to after the night was over and was full of compliments for my performance! 

I'm still not overly happy with how I danced that night but it's left me with an idea of what I need to work on this year so it's not all bad.

I've attached the video to my performance below.


(Thanks to Justin Tran Photography for the photos from the night!)


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