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GOT NOTHING TO DO ON THE 11TH SEPTEMBER? Then you need to go to this!

Tickets to GLAM ROCK BURLESQUE- The Sydney Fringe Festival, Sept 11th are now on sale! But wait- there's more!! If you are one of the first 50 people to buy your tickets online you could win a double pass to MISS POLE DANCE AUSTRALIA at the Enmore Theatre!
Simply follow the link to moshtix then email your confirmation code and you could see TWO Awesome shows for less than the price of one!!!
Not only that it's your last chance to see the AMAZEBALLS CLEO THE HURRICANE live before she heads off to Berlin!! So get your tickets NOW!!!!!

Celebrity Skin Productions Website

Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heats!!

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with MPD preparations etc. But now it's all over and MY GOD WAS IT FUN!!

Lucky me got to have the Wednesday, Thursday before the comp and the Friday of the comp off work!! YAY for sleeping in! Having the time off work was probably one of the best things I did. I got to go into the studio on Wednesday and run through my routine once more as well as practice in my costume. Which was my main concern. There were a lot of different parts to my costume and I really needed to make sure that I practiced taking each bit off so that it all looked seamless. I actually had a pretty shitty run though on Wednesday, and a few of the times that I practiced in my costume I struggled getting bits of it off. 

Thursday I got my extensions re-taped, and the hair tinsel put in my hair and a spray tan. Then went home and made a list of the things that I would need to take with me to the comp on Friday and tried t…

Pole Candy Semi Pro Routine

Here is the video of my routine from Pole Candy Semi Pro earlier this year. I haven't watched it myself yet, I'm not sure I want to because a few things went wrong.

A big THANKS to Brad Edwards at Vertigo Photography for the video :)


HOLY SHIT! How did it get to be a week before the heats already?

So far everything is going pretty well, I'm over my cold and feeling great, saw my osteo yesterday and got my shoulder and rib looked at and my back and neck cracked!! 

Picked up my amazing costume last week!! AHH IT'S SO AWESOME I LOVE IT!! It's sparkly and beautiful and beyond anything I could have imagined, worth every single cent I paid for it!! When Georgia sent me through the picture when she was finished I squealed like a girl (I was at work at the time) and almost burst into tears!!

 I was so excited when I picked it up I may have worn part of it on the drive home hahaha :) 

I can't wait till after it's over so I can post up pictures so everyone can see it!! Sorry but no photo's or hints before Friday night, I want it to be a surprise!!

I also managed to put the finishing touches on my routine on Sunday and do the whole thing in full without dying! so that's a relief. So I have this Sunday …

Need some inspiration??

If you're a pole dancer and you don't know who Cleo is there's a good chance you've been living under a rock.

Cleo is an instructor at Bobbis Pole studio, the current Miss Pole Dance NSW and more importantly MISS POLE DANCE AUSTRALIA 2012!!

Cleo started teaching at Bobbis in 2010, I actually remember seeing her come in to teach her first class (advanced) and how nervous she looked. Now two and a half years later, it's amazing to see how much she has transformed as a dancer/performer. Watching the DVD from the Miss Pole Dance Australia Final in 2009 and then watching her routine from the next year and then watching her winning performance from last year is nothing short of inspiring. It just goes to show how much difference some time and dedication can make.

And it's not just her dancing that's inspiring, listening to Cleo talk about the next show she's planning and how excited she gets about the whole creative process makes you want to start planning your …

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No17


Miss Pole Dance NSW - Even More Doubles :)


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No16



Seems like the Janeiro is the trick of the month right now! So many people loading up photos of getting it!! I finally got it on Sunday!! YAY!!!!

Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No15


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No14


Miss Pole Dance NSW Contestant No13


My credit card just ran away screaming.

While doing my morning facebook check I came across a pic that Alethea Austin had shared of herself from the Pole Convention. It had two links with it, one for her custom made mask the other for her custom made shoes. And silly me... I clicked on the link for Crystal Dance Wear and proceeded to drool over the gorgeous Swarovski crystal covered shoes!
And now they're all I can think about... I want some... so bad... Right now I'm going to have to just sit and stare at them though. With the amount of crystals and work that go into them I can't see them being very cheap but one day, I vow that I will own a pair!! 

If you want to check out the website its
Billie xx

Miss Pole Dance NSW - More Doubles :)