Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heats!!

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with MPD preparations etc. But now it's all over and MY GOD WAS IT FUN!!

Lucky me got to have the Wednesday, Thursday before the comp and the Friday of the comp off work!! YAY for sleeping in! Having the time off work was probably one of the best things I did. I got to go into the studio on Wednesday and run through my routine once more as well as practice in my costume. Which was my main concern. There were a lot of different parts to my costume and I really needed to make sure that I practiced taking each bit off so that it all looked seamless. I actually had a pretty shitty run though on Wednesday, and a few of the times that I practiced in my costume I struggled getting bits of it off. 
bit of pre show fun with Sparx she loves a good boob grab

Thursday I got my extensions re-taped, and the hair tinsel put in my hair and a spray tan. Then went home and made a list of the things that I would need to take with me to the comp on Friday and tried to get an early night.

Friday the day of the comp, I honestly thought I was going to wake up feeling sick with nerves but I woke up super excited!! After breakfast I headed back to the hairdressers to get my hair done then after that was done hit the shops. At about midday I still wasn't nervous, not calm, still super excited to the point where I thought I was going to bust!

When I got home, I cooked some fish and vegetables for lunch read my book for a bit and soaked up some sun.

I got to the venue at about 3:30 and put my name down to practice on the stage which was handy because sitting in the audience last year the stage seemed so much bigger. So I did have to change a couple of little things. Also I thought the poles would be taller so it was go to practice the combos I'd put in my routine to check how high I could climb before hitting the rigging. After that the gorgeous Summer did my makeup for me!! And it looked amazing!! then I spent the next hour or so wandering around the venue because I was so excited I couldn't sit still.

Once the show started I decided to stay back stage, nothing puts me off more than watching the competitors before me so I hung out back stage, warmed up and got into my costume. Still no nerves, still super excited. 

backstage fun with Sparx and Summer
Waiting side stage as Chilli introduced me it all felt so surreal, I honestly couldn't believe that I was about to go on stage and compete in the heats for Miss Pole Dance Australia, and more so that I wasn't even the slightest bit nervous. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! Once my music started I had to really compose myself because other wise I would have literally skipped on stage (which is not what I had choreyed and would not have gone with my theme or music).

My routine went really well, I came of stage, tired, out of breath, sore and really really happy despite the fact that I'd forgotten to do my iron x (I was really excited that I'd nailed the trick before it I completely forgot to do it haha) and that my last trick didn't turn out the best that it could have. I also managed to nail the batwing for the first time on stage so that was reason enough to celebrate. 

I honestly haven't had such a great time on stage in a while, it's left me feeling inspired and happy and itching to perform again and wanting to get back into the studio to train even harder at the other tricks I was working on before MPD that I didn't get. 

back stage waiting for the results with Summer

At the end of the night we were all asked to get back into our costumes for when they announced the winners. To be honest, I'd watched the second half and had heard great things about the girls in the first half so I wasn't expecting anything, it was my first time in MPD and I was just so happy to have done a great show and all the feedback I'd received in the breaks from my friends was so good I already felt like a winner. So when I was announced as the winner of the sponsors choice "Showgirl" award I was totally shocked. At first I didn't even know what I'd won until someone told me later!

The winners were:


2nd - Porsche

Equal 3rd - Stacey and Jedda

Doubles - Bella and Pheonix 

with Cleo after my show
I couldn't have done this without her
Now that all the heats are over and the winners from the five state heats have been announced we have to wait to find out who the wild cards will be (no I'm not holding my breath), they'll be announced on the Miss Pole Dance Australia website.

All in all the last 8 months have been stressful, exciting, inspiring and fun and I wouldn't change any of it! It's been such a great experience and I'm so glad I did it. 

I don't have a video of my routine yet, though I'm sure I'll get a copy at some stage and I won't be putting it up on youtube for a while (I have my reasons) but once I do I'll put a link on here so you can all watch it!!




  1. Congrats Billie! I really enjoyed reading about your MPD journey :) Looking forward to seeing that video..

    1. Thanks Chwenny!!! it was such a great experience! So glad you enjoyed reading my blog so far.. MPD Heats might be over but I'm going to keep going with the blog xx I love reading yours too!! xx

  2. Been waiting for this update for awhile! HEHE. You must be SO proud of yourself - what an amazing achievement! And you look absolutely fantastic in all the photos :) Congrats again!! x

    1. Thanks Frances!!
      Yep I'm pretty proud!! still on cloud 6892347932058!! hahaha


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