Cleo's Rock n' Pole

In 2013 Cleo The Hurricane released her first DVD Rockin Legs n' Abs (RLnA) which was a huge success! Pole Dancers (and non polers) around the world are getting more flexible by the day!        
In March 2013 Cleo released her latest DVD Cleo's Rock N Pole, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! And let me tell you I wasn't disappointed.                            The first thing I did after it arrived was sat in bed and watched the DVD from start to finish, at the time I was pretty sick and hitting play on my DVD remote was about as much exercise as I could manage, and I got exhausted just watching it!
This DVD differs from RLnA, while RLnA's is focused on strength and flexibility Rock N Pole, has four fun routines to learn as well as strength exercises and tutorials of the pole tricks featured in the routines.
So when I was finally feeling better and had some free time I decided to give the DVD a crack, and whoa, I had no idea what I was in for! I mean I've …

Meet my new BFF!

If this picture is correct then I up until a few weeks ago I must have been the sexiest person on the planet. 

My MPD training is in full swing at the moment, I train at any opportunity I get for as long as my body will let me, sometimes this can be hours (if I'm lucky). For about 3 weeks straight if I didn't take some pain killers with Ibuprofen and a heat pack to bed I would wake up in the middle of the night in the most insane amount of pain.

Whinging about it to a friend a couple of weeks ago, she suggested I try taking some magnesium tablets and offered to pick me up some. I thought I might as well give it go because I didn't want to be taking the pain killers every night for the next few months.

Another problem I've found to be getting worse recently is what I like to refer to as "forearm erections" during routines, I think it's a lactic acid build up in mainly my right arm (and occasionally my left as well) where my forearm gets so sore and hard that…

Slippery Sunday

Training for MPD is pretty much in full swing at the moment, if I'm not at the studio training I'm thinking about training, and if I'm not doing either of those I'm usually in a hot epsom salt bath recovering from training. 

One thing I really really hate about pole, is turning up to the studio to train and not being able to stick, no matter how many different grip aid combinations I try. The pole turns into a brass spinning stick of death, and the question I have to ask myself, do I want to die today. 

Because I have to travel so far to get to the studio it seems like a waste of time warming up, trying to do something for half an hour then giving up and going home, so when this happens I pull on my leg warmers (or pants) and get down on the floor. 

Today was one of those days and as frustrating as it was I still managed to have some fun. I've started playing around with a backward roll into like a split stand thingy (I have no idea what it's called) that one of m…

The Bad Kitty Pole Blog is back!

The new Bad Kitty Pole Blog is back and better than ever!

And even more exciting for me because I'll be one of the writers! I'm really excited and grateful for the opportunity!

Here's the list to my first post!

So check it out! There are some fantastic posts and plenty more on the way!!



Pole Grooves - Strong (New YouTube Video)

I haven't posted a video on YouTube in a while, but after this weeks pole grooves routine I just had to post this video. Not because I thought I danced it overly well but for the routine itself. It was so beautiful to dance, one of those routines were I got lost in the music and chorey.

Here it is: Strong, Choreographed by Chilli Rox 


The Joy of Dance Video Competition

Going through my emails last night I came across an one from that caught my attention, probably because it had FELIX CANE in the subject line. 

I opened it up and inside was this, the story of Felix's first time back on the pole after her accident a few years ago, along with details of a video competition that are running.

I would love to enter, and if I get the chance to video something and submit it I will, but either way I think it's such a lovely idea. 
Entries are open now,  for more information head to their Facebook page:

Billie xxx


So if you've been reading my blog since it began you might have been wondering what happened? I haven't posted in the last 12 months. I've tried, but the last 12 months have been pretty difficult for me, every time I've come on here to write something I've just sat and stared and then closed down the window and gone and done something else.
I've wanted to start up posting again but I knew that my felt like my first post back needed to be an explanation and to be honest until now I haven't really felt that I was ready to put it in writing, out on the internet, for the whole world to see.
So here it is, 
In March last year I woke up on a Monday morning to go to work and just sat on my bed, the thought of going outside and facing the world, I couldn't fathom it. I just wanted to curl up under my doona and hide from the world and cry. And that's what I did, I called into work sick and curled up in bed all day. When my mum got home that afternoon she saw me…