HOLY SHIT! How did it get to be a week before the heats already?

So far everything is going pretty well, I'm over my cold and feeling great, saw my osteo yesterday and got my shoulder and rib looked at and my back and neck cracked!! 

Picked up my amazing costume last week!! AHH IT'S SO AWESOME I LOVE IT!! It's sparkly and beautiful and beyond anything I could have imagined, worth every single cent I paid for it!! When Georgia sent me through the picture when she was finished I squealed like a girl (I was at work at the time) and almost burst into tears!!

 I was so excited when I picked it up I may have worn part of it on the drive home hahaha :) 

I can't wait till after it's over so I can post up pictures so everyone can see it!! Sorry but no photo's or hints before Friday night, I want it to be a surprise!!

I also managed to put the finishing touches on my routine on Sunday and do the whole thing in full without dying! so that's a relief. So I have this Sunday and hopefully some time on Wednesday to run through it a couple more times :)

It feels a bit weird to be this organised actually, I'm usually the queen of the last minute rush for comps. Finishing off props/costumes/chorey a couple of days before. It's a good weird though, I'm a lot less stressed and at this stage not nervous, just really really REALLY excited!! Though I'm not sure if I'm more excited about performing or the fact that I only have to go to work Monday and Tuesday next week then I have a week and a half off!! WOO!!!

The run sheet and stage specs were emailed to us all last week as well, which was great, being the control freak that I am I do like to know in advance when I'll be on, who's on before me and what the stage is going to look like. 

I still can't believe it's NEXT WEEK!! it feels really surreal.





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