My credit card just ran away screaming.

While doing my morning facebook check I came across a pic that Alethea Austin had shared of herself from the Pole Convention. It had two links with it, one for her custom made mask the other for her custom made shoes. And silly me... I clicked on the link for Crystal Dance Wear and proceeded to drool over the gorgeous Swarovski crystal covered shoes!

And now they're all I can think about... I want some... so bad... Right now I'm going to have to just sit and stare at them though. With the amount of crystals and work that go into them I can't see them being very cheap but one day, I vow that I will own a pair!! 

Photo from Crystal Dance Wear Facebook Page

If you want to check out the website its



  1. I saw it too and requested a quote for a pair, they're gorgeous!

    1. I'm too scared to ask, I know no matter how much it costs I'll find some way to justify it even though I should be saving :)


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