Rockin Legs n' Abs with Cleo the Hurricane DVD Trailer!

Pull on your leg warmers and your favourite leopard print hot pants and get ready for a workout!! 

Over the last few months Cleo has been working her butt off to release an amazing work out DVD, Rockin Legs n' Abs and you can check out the trailer for it NOW on Youtube!! It looks incredible and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! As some one who has been a victim had the pleasure of being tortured having their butt well and truly whipped by Cleo in her flex class (and in her class warm ups) I can guarantee it's going to be worth it!! 
Not only that but you don't have to be a pole dancer to do the workout! it's for everyone!! 

Pre Orders will be open soon so keep an eye out on Cleo's Facebook Fan Page for more details! (she will be shipping them worldwide)

AND!!!!! Think the outfits the girls are wearing are awesome (I know I've been drooling over a few of the pieces)? Well they will also be available to purchase!! So if you haven't "LIKED" Cleo's fan page yet make sure you do to keep up to date!

Rockin Legs n' Abs Trailer:



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