Miss Pole Dance Australia Finals!!

Or as I like to call it Pole-mas! Where pole dancers all over Australia make their way to the Enmore Theatre to worship and give thanks for the creation of pole dancing!

Tickets are on sale now!! If you haven't got yours yet then get on to Ticketek now!! The finals are on the 10th November (a Saturday so no need to rush after work YAY!!) 

This years finalists are:


  • Ruby - WA
  • Chelle - QLD
  • Amber - NSW
  • Rosie - SA
  • Kristy Sellers - VIC
  • Lou Landers - VIC
  • Miss Filly - VIC
  • Jedda - NSW
  • Porsche - NSW
  • Brooke - NSW
  • Stacey - NSW
  • Jacinta - WA
  • Fontaine - VIC
  • Lisa - VIC
  • Shimmy - NSW

  • Enchanted - QLD
  • Bella/Pheonix - NSW
  • Policious/Baby Dolly Pole - VIC
  • Absynthe - QLD

I'm really excited about the finals as per usual and to be honest this is probably the first time that I can't pick someone who I think will be a clear winner! I have my favourites of course but I think this year it's anyones game!! Good luck to all the finalists! (hopefully one day my name will be up there too!!)

I can't wait to see the opening as well!! They're always fantastic and I can't wait to see what Bobbi has come up with for this year!!



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