I whip my hair back and forth


This week was a pretty exciting week for me, as part of my routine for MPD I wanted to have really long hair, and because it would be impossible for me to grow my hair to the length that I want it to be by the heats I decided ages ago that I would get hair extensions!!

Hair length before
I have pretty long hair already, so I decided to get 22 inch ones, which is pretty bloody long. I was a bit worried that it was going to be to long and I'd end up choking myself when I was on the pole, but figured it was better to get them long and be able to trim them up if needed than get 18 inch ones put in and find out they were to short.

Anyway, after the consult on Saturday morning to match my hair colour it was like time stopped and I had to wait forever till Thursday night to get them put in! Like a child I counted down the sleeps till my appointment. I also had the added excitement of doing a fair bit of online shopping during the week which did not help cause I ended up over excited and bouncing off the walls at work.

Lotsa hair!!
When Thursday night finally came around I practically ran into the salon I was so excited. When Sara (my fabulous hairdresser) showed me the extensions in the packet I nearly had a heart attack, they're freakn LONG!! But first thing first, she washed my hair, complete with massage chair, head massage and a blow dry. After Sara finished drying my hair she put the extensions in, it took about 20 mins for Sara to put the extensions in and I tell you what it was hard to sit still, I couldn't wait to see what they looked like. Because my hair was so long already she didn't need to blend the extensions into my natural hair which was great cause I honestly don't think I could have sat there any longer I just wanted to whip my new hair around!

So now my hair is almost down to my bum and I LOVE IT!! I cannot stop playing with it and looking at myself in the mirror! I honestly wish I'd done it sooner I love them that much.

On Friday night I had two classes and I could not wait to do some head rolls! (once again I spent most of the day bouncing off the walls in anticipation of the amount of head rolls I was going to do in class that night). Chilli's pole grooves did not disappoint, plenty of head rolls for me to let loose! And let loose I did!! We also did some freestyle at the end of Prep that night, which was pretty much me on the floor doing head roll after head roll. It's a bit more hard work to head roll with super long hair but SO MUCH FUN!! and it looks AWESOME!!

Downside of doing so many head rolls: My poor neck was sooooooo sore when I woke up on Saturday morning and is still sore now (probably because even though my neck is so sore I still insist on doing head rolls whenever I get the chance).

The extension that I got are the tape ones, the tape is about four centimetres long and attaches to my natural hair, the tape is clear (from what I can see in the mirror) and barely noticeable. My head is a little bit sore at the moment, but I did expect that because they're quite long and heavy (I had four packets put in which is pretty much a full head). Every 8 weeks I'll need to go back to see Sara and have them moved up. I didn't need to buy any special shampoo or brush for them either which is great because who wants to spend more money then they have to?

Hair length after!! YAY!! (check out my sexy PJ's!)

On another exciting note, my music has been mixed (I ended up paying a DJ to do it for me because all the attempts that I made were crap) and I've started the chorey for my routine!! YAY!!

Don't forget tickets for the Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW heats are on SALE NOW!!!!!! So either ring Bobbis Pole Studio on 02 9264 0080 or buy online at Ticketek




  1. I wanna see footage of some head rolls with that hair!!

    1. hahaha I'm going to upload the video of last weeks pole grooves onto youtube and post the link on the group page today.. there are plenty of headrolls in that!

  2. So your hair is wavy but that hair is straight - do you have to straighten yours now all the time?

    1. my hair is sort of wavy, the extensions are straight, however I have to sleep with them plaited so my hair is wavy when I wake up (extensions and all) so I have to straighten it anyway. However my hairdresser did say not to use a straightener on it to much so I left it wavy today and just put some sea salt spray in it to hold the wave.


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