One month to go.

This morning I looked at the date on my phone and it hit me, it's exactly a month until the heats. All I could think was "HOLY SHIT BALLS!!" Where exactly has the time gone? It seemed like only a few weeks ago I was deciding on a theme and trying to find music, now there's only 4 and a half weeks to go? 

Now it seems to be the time that the panic is setting in and I start wondering what idiot thought that it would be such a fantastic idea to enter MPD? Especially now as each day a new contestant is announced. It's great in a way because I'm the type of person who likes to know what they're heading into, I hate the unknown and prefer to have as much information as possible so I can know what to expect. Also I'm nosey, I'll admit it. However, in some ways for me it's not so great, because this is when I start comparing myself to all the other girls that are entering, how strong they are, how flexible they are etc and once again I end up going back to the "Holy shit what was I thinking?" frame of mind.

I'm not silly though, I know it's pointless comparing myself to other dancers, but I'm human, it's hard not to. Out of all the competitors announced so far I know all but one, and each and every single one of them is amazing in their own right. Each and everyone one of us has our own different strengths and style that works for us as performers. Which is lucky cause who really wants to sit there and watch show after show of pretty much the same moves being done to different songs?

So with a month to go am I where I wanted to be with my preparation, the answer is no, I was actually hoping to have my routine fully choreographed by now so that all I needed to do was practice it and fine tune all the little bits and pieces and make any changes I need to over the next four weeks. The reality is that I've choreographed most of it, in my head. I've tried out a few bits and pieces some worked some didn't, I'd say it's about 75% completed. So I'm not too far behind, considering pretty much everything else is organised, hair booked in to be done, costume fitting on Monday, music is mixed (and sounds awesome), and I know exactly what I want to put in my routine "trick" wise. Fingers crossed I get the rest of it sorted this weekend and then I can just practice practice practice!!

Did I mention I'm going to see Georgia for a costume fitting on Monday?? WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SO EXCITED!!!




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