Training, Training, Training.

Right now it feels like my life is work, train, eat, sleep, repeat. Not that I'm complaining, I actually love it, not so much the work part though, work seems to get in the way of all the fun stuff that I want to do. Unfortunately work is a necessary evil so that I can pay for all the pole and sparkly things I love so very much.

Back to the point. 

My skinless shin
Sunday is when I do pretty much all of my training, because of work (see pesky work ruining my fun again!) I can't make it to any other practice times. This Sunday I got to the studio at about 10:30am.... four hours later I had my routine pretty much finished (just a few little tweeks here and there) and a hunk of skin missing from my right shin.. OUCH!! How did I manage that? just doing a spinning climb, nothing to special (it's actually not the first time I've ripped skin off my shin doing to much pole in a day). Its' about 3cm long and 2 cm wide, which doesn't sound like it's that bad, but oh my god it kills! And so convenient that it's right where my leg hits the pole which pretty much makes that impossible without screaming in pain. So I took this as my queue to leave for the day. But I did leave happier than what I was about 2 hours earlier when nothing I was doing was working SO YAY FOR THAT!!

And this is the week break at Bobbis, most of the teachers are off laying in the sun around the world (and well deserved too!!). Which means I'll be able to give my shin a rest till Thursday when I go into practice time after work (fingers crossed it's okay by then or I'll have to stick a whole lot of thick bandaids over it). 

In other exciting news, I have my costume fitting this afternoon!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



  1. ouch that looks painful, any tips for speeding up healing injuries like that?

    1. yeah it hurts quite a bit (2 days later) I've been told to put Betadine and a bandaid on it to speed things up. I haven't had a chance to go and get any betadine yet.


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