Pole Goal # 4 Muscle Up!

So in my post My Pole Goals for 2013 I said that I'd already accomplished one of my pole goals for 2013.

That goal was *DRUM ROLL* 


When I first decided that I wanted to start working on it I thought it would take me the better part of the year to get. Obviously I was wrong. I started working on it one Sunday in Practice time and got it on my 2nd attempt! I was pretty shocked and tried it a few more times but couldn't get it again without using my foot to pull myself over. Since then I've tried to practice it as much as possible, it usually takes a few attempts at it before I can get up and I've never been able to get video evidence of it.. UNTIL NOW!!

I decided to set up my camera on Friday afternoon and video it until I got it. I failed five times, gave up and turned the camera off, then went no once more and I'll get it. AND I DID!!

So here it is my muscle up!!

Now I just need to be able to do it consistently.



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