Going Coastal, a play date at The Peach.

Only really being able to train on a Sunday (I do classes during the week but I can only really train on the things I want to work on on a Sunday) can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Usually when my family get together to celebrate birthdays etc it's on a Sunday and usually up the coast at my Aunty's place. Which means I have to decide between seeing my family and going to train, I hate having to do it. I love my family and I love spending time with them, especially my second cousins. Last year when I was training for Miss Pole I missed out on a few celebrations which left me feeling guilty (self inflicted, my family are more than supportive and totally understood and never put pressure on me to choose between training and seeing them).

However this is no longer going to be a problem! Last year Daisy (who used to teach at Bobbis) opened up The Peach Pole Studio  in Erina which is a handy 10 minute drive from my Aunty's place! WOOHOO!!

A couple of weekend's ago my family were getting together for my cousins birthday, and still needing to finish my routine for Encore Pole Show I thought what a great opportunity to pop in for a visit and to finish my routine and see my family ALL IN ONE DAY! 

So what's it like?? 

Beautiful!! The studio it's self is quite large and the poles are nice and tall (and Brass 38mm), with fairy lights covering the beams, art work, chandeliers it's very much Daisy-fied right down to the bike in the corner. I have a love for fairy lights as well and they're all over the beams it's so pretty. 

I don't know what it is about the air on the central coast but it works! The poles in the studio were so grippy to the point I didn't really need to use much grip aid at all, I was sticking like glue! And it's such a nice relaxed place as well.. there's definitely something in the coastal air.

I had such a great afternoon catching up with Daisy, working on my Encore routine and just playing. 

If you're ever up the Central Coast you should stop in and have a play!

Congratulations on a gorgeous studio Daisy!

(below are some more photo's from the opening party for The Peach, cause stupid me forgot to take photo's while I was there)


Toto hanging out at The Peach
Handstand February at The Peach




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    1. Wow!! Great pictures and great blog!!! You really seem to be into pole dancing.... like me :D. Wanna follow each other!?Would be cool if you checked out on my blog and followed back!


      Elle A.


  2. What a sexy body you have. I am also a pole dancer but fresher in this profession and love to read blogs on pole dancing as i want to learn more and more . Good to see your blog and pictures which are wonderful and your moves are like wow..


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