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So a few days ago Shimmy posted on her blog about free styling, after finally getting around to reading it today there was on thing that really stuck with me, a quote from Kelly Yvonne

 "No! Never apologise for your movement! Never apologise for your dancing!" 

So after reading Shimmy's post I felt a bit brave, I actually video'd myself free styling to a Rihanna song at the beginning of the year and I've just uploaded it to YouTube.

On the day when I'd finished the Freestyle I could't watch it because I felt like what I had done wasn't perfect. About a week later I did end up watching it and while it wasn't as bad as I thought I still was pretty unhappy about it so decided not to put it on YouTube.  After watching it again tonight after I uploaded it, I actually don't think it's as bad as I originally thought, being the perfectionist that I am I probably should come to terms with the fact that there is always something that I'm not going to be happy with, it's very rare that any one does a show that it perfect.

So I'm hoping to do more freestyle video's this year. I have a few songs that I'd love to dance to that I'd never use for comps so here's hoping I can find the time and the motivation to do it.

If you want to read Shimmy's blog post here is the link Set Your Freestyle Free...

and here is the link to my video... 

Freestyle - Stay (Rihanna)

Hope you like it




  1. I think it's beautiful <3 Your combinations and transitions are perfect! Gave you a little like on YouTube :)


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