Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013

The night of nights on the Aussie Pole dancing calendar has been and gone and OMG what a night it was!! Its been just over a week since the final, I would have posted this sooner but for some reason my lap top has been very uncooperative. 
Nothing beats the atmosphere at the Enmore theatre on MPDA Finals night, you can practically see the excitement in the air (in my head it's all glitter), everyone in the audience is buzzing discussing who they can't wait to see perform and who they think will win. This year I actually went in with a list in my head of 7 or 8 of the finalists that I thought might take the title, I honestly couldn't pick one clear favourite. Even after all the girls had competed I still couldn't decide between about 5 of them. I really don't envy the judges it would have to be one of the hardest jobs in the world!

Bobbi didn't disappoint with the opening number, once again another spectacular start to the night, I think it's worth paying for a ticket just to see the opening number! David Aeon Helman made MPDA history being the first male pole dancer in the opening number and he was nothing short of amazing! 

After the opening number is was straight into the evening gown parade and then on to business!

Ruby, Brooke and Rosie
In the first half we were wowed by WA Heat Winner Ruby, Brooke (NSW), VIC Heat Winner Kristy, SA Heat Winner Rosie, Lisa (VIC), Jasmine (QLD), Stacey (NSW) and Jacinta (WA). There were some technical difficulties in the first half, for a few of the girls their music didn't sound to great, which was disappointing, some of the songs you could barely hear and a couple of the girls who had sound bites in their music, well you couldn't hear them at all. But being the professionals that they are they all kept going like there was nothing wrong (Kristy later came out later and performed her routine again later with her music fixed, I must admit that the second time round her show made more sense).

Stand outs for me in the first half were, Lisa, she has such a quirky style but the main reason she stood out for me is that she looked like she was genuinely having a great time on stage and you could tell, she looked so happy and her routine was a lot of fun to watch.

Kristy was another stand out, she did do her routine twice and it was great both times. Her costume and theme were great. Her tricks were insane! She is so strong and the fact that she did it twice was incredible. I got tired just watching her! 

And Stacey!! I loved her routine, she was awesome at the NSW heats and she didn't fail to entertain at the final! Her construction worker outfit was complete with a can of VB (for those of you non Aussies VB is an Australian Beer that's been around forever!). Her music was unfortunately one of the ones affected but she still managed to hit every beat and did a fantastic job! 

Top (L-R) Lisa, Jacinta
Bottom (L-R) Stacey, Kristy

I did Miss Jacinta's show because I had to go back stage but I heard her costume was fabulous and her bendy tricks were awesome.

 Before the second half was over we were treated to a show by Chilli Rox, and who better to bring sexy back? Her show also featured a "flash mob" ticket holders were sent a link leading up to the night with a routine to Sexy and I know it that they could learn so they could be part of the show! I didn't get to see it (because I was on stage with my back to the audience doing the routine) but from what I heard it looked amazing! I can't wait to see what it looked like when the DVD comes out!

During the intermission there was lots of talk about who was the favourite so far, what tricks people wanted to try when they found a pole and of course the costumes! We all love a good costume!

The second half was full of some of what I'll call the "heavy hitters" of Australian Pole Dances. With the line up of Fontaine (VIC), NSW Heat Winner Amber Ray, Porsche (NSW), Miss Filly (VIC), Jedda (NSW), QLD Heat Winner Chelle Hafner, Lou Landers (VIC) and Shimmy (NSW). It was going to be an awesome second half.
Fontaine and Amber

Fontaine is known for her beautiful lines and she didn't disappoint, her Cinderella themed show is my favourite of all the routines she's done, she was entertaining her costume was beautiful. The only thing I wasn't to keen on was that she left the stage to change costumes, but each to their own, She was still outstanding and I really loved watching her dance.

Ambers show, OMG, beautiful, before she came on stage, the prop girls (and a few extras) covered the stage floor with fake white roses. Amber danced to Uninvited by Alanis Morisette and I was captivated from start to finish. I'm not usually a fan of the slow routines at MPD but there was something about Ambers routine. Half way through she had paper flower petals drop down from the ceiling on stage, it was magical! 


Porsche, Porsche, Porsche! I'm very lucky to be able to have Porsche as one of my Advanced teachers at Bobbis, and leading up to the finals she wasn't giving to much away other than when I told her I was going to be in the audience making sexy faces at her like I do in warm up she replied with "wait until I do my show, you might want to rethink that statement". For those of you who don't know to much about Porsche, she is beyond flexible, she has the most amazing beautiful lines I've seen and she's done some very beautiful shows at Miss Pole over the years. This year, well the show we got from Porsche was not anything any of us were expecting! She entered the stage in a red and white nuns habit which she then removed to show a mowhawk and a skin coloured costume with like ropes around it! Her routine was insane and it's the best I've ever seen Porsche dance, her routine was pretty much flawless! 

Top to Bottom: Jedda, Chelle and
Miss Filly

After Porsche we were treated to a beautiful routine by Miss Filly to Adele's new song from the new James Bond movie. Another show that was amazing, Miss Filly is one of my favorites to watch and she's an awesome chick as well!! She came into her own this year!!
Next up Jedda. Jedda is also one of my Advanced teachers and I've been watching her train at the studio over the last few months, she had worked her ass off leading up to the final and her body was proof of that! She is so ripped at the moment, I was constantly having a bit of a perve in class. Jedda broke with tradition and started her routine in the audience, and most of the girls from Bobbis were in the audience waving their green glow sticks in support of Jedda. The start of Jedda's show was incredible, unfortunately though the poles were incredibly slippery and Jedda decided to leave the stage part way through her routine. 

Chelle was next and before she came out Chilli made a special announcement, Chelle is actually pregnant!! And to be honest, you couldn't tell! I was looking for some kind of baby bump but it seems as though those abs of hers kept bubba in place. She did an awesome show, a bit more feminine than she              usually does which was nice to see. 

Lou Landers (Left) and Shimmy

If there was a prize for sparkliest costume of the night than Lou Landers would have won that hands down! I was drooling from the moment she came on stage! Swarovski crystals everywhere.. I was in heaven!! I love Lou!!

Last single competitor of evening was Shimmy, she wowed us with her strength (no one hangs one handed off the pole and makes it look like nothing quite like Shimmy) and her booty shaking!!

Bella & Phoenix (L) Enchanted (R)
There was supposed to be four doubles contestants this year however only 2 ended up competing on the night. Bella and Phoenix and Enchanted. Both doubles routines were amazing! Some of the things they pulled off was incredible, a few times as I was sitting there watching I thought to myself, can you imagine turning up to training and saying "Hey so how about you stand on my shoulders I'll walk forward and then you jump off onto the floor". These girls are crazy!! I got to see Bella and Phoenix at the NSW Heats, but I was really excited about watching Enchanted. I've heard they're amazing but never had a chance to see them perform before. They were SO GOOD! You could tell that they've been training together for a long time!

Michelle Stanek
We were also treated to a performance by US champ Michelle Stanek! It was actually my favourite performance of the night to tell you the truth. She came out and started doing some beautiful contemporary pole, then was interrupted by Chilli mid way through (of course this was all part of the show), and was told she could continue, but she had to put a pair of heels on. So heels went on and Closer by Nine Inch Nails started playing, the audience went nuts! We love a good dirty song in Oz!! It was awesome! Michelle was sexy and did some really cool tricks, but mainly, she was sexy and that's what I love!!

It was another awesome MPD (apart from the sound issue), with some great themes and lots of sparkly costumes, I actually think the theme for the night was sparkly shoes! Pretty much every second contestants heels were covered in crystals! And I already can't wait for next year! I'm actually hoping next year we get a lot more new faces in the final, as much as I love seeing some of the same girls each year it's always fun to see new girls with different styles.

So the winners were

Doubles Winner - Enchanted

Sponsors Choice - Fontaine
Equal 3rd - Chelle and Miss Filly
2nd - Shimmy



(A big thank you to Brad at Vertigo Photography for letting me use his amazing photos!)




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