2 More Sleeps till Pole-mas 2012!

but first things first.. yes I know I haven't posted in a while, I'm sorry :( I've been busy with work and life over the last few weeks and when I do get a free minute I've made the most of the opportunity to just be lazy relax. I promise I'll try and be better and post more. 

Anyway back to the real reason I'm here!! IT'S ALMOST POLE-MAS (for us Aussies that is!)!!! Saturday night is the final for Miss Pole Dance Australia 2013 and everyone is getting excited! International guests have arrived and all the girls from the other states are Sydney bound! 

The main reason I'm excited, apart from seeing a whole bunch of amazing pole shows, is I think this year the title is anyones. In my opinion there is no clear favourite to win, and with so many amazing girls competing I think it's going to be one of the best competitions yet! 

If I can remember I'm going to tweet throughout the show! (the excitement may take over me and I may forget!)

With Michelle Stanek! We're so classy :)
So other than the excitement of MPDA this weekend I've been a little bit busy, last weekend I danced at two Charity events and got to make use of my gorgeous costume from the MPDA NSW heats! The first being Andre and Natalie's Halloween Party at Kinsela's! Such a great venue, especially for halloween seeing as though it used to be a morgue! It was such a great night, everyone looked amazing in their costumes! And everyone was treated to a surprise guest performance from USPDF Champion Michelle Stanek! She was amazing! I can't wait to see her performance at MPDA! There were also performances by Ryder, Amber Ray, Shimmy and Maddie as well as a group performance with Andre and Minx! The night raised an amazing $4,000 for NSW Animal Rescue and Sydney Pet Rescue.

Me with Chilli and Ryder at the
McGrath Foundation Charity Night
After our performances at the Halloween Party Ryder and I headed out to Sefton Playhouse to perform at the Breast Cancer Charity Event being held to raise money for the McGrath foundation. Sefton Playhouse have just added on a new VIP room to their venue, and it is beyond amazing! It has a large stage with a video projection screen, not one but TWO brass 45 mm poles that are 4 metres high, they also had rigging set up for Silks and a Lyra! I'm not sure how much money was raised as yet, but no matter what every cent counts!

It was a great night even though it felt like everything that could go wrong did go wrong (issues with my fake eyelashes, costume problems, and nearly falling off the pole!) I had heaps of fun!

Next up for me is the Pole Dance Academy Bond Girls Comp on the 24th November at Nevermind! I have my music picked (something slow for a change) all I need now is a costume and a routine! Oh but before that I'm doing a master class with Michelle Stanek at Bobbis on Sunday!! 

AND! On Friday night I'm going to upload the video of my routine from the Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heats!! WOOHOO!!!



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