Pole Grooves is my favourite class of the week by a long shot, I've been enrolling in it for over four years.

Each week we learn a new routine in an hour, which is not an easy task (though the more you do pole grooves the easier it gets). A few of the teachers take Pole Grooves classes (Click this link to see the Bobbis Timetable ) , I do Chilli's Pole Grooves, mainly because when I started doing pole grooves she was the only one that taught it, and now I'm hooked (I have done pole grooves with Bobbi as well, and if you ever get a chance you should do it cause it's totally amazing!)

Anyway Pole Grooves with Chilli varies every week, slow routines, fast routines, Chair and the occasional slap routines. But they're always fun and in all the time I've been doing it I haven't met a pole grooves routine I didn't like.

If you're curious, you should give it a try, you can do pole grooves as a casual! Ring the girls at Bobbis to get more details..

If you wanna see a routine, click the link below  This is the routine that we did Week One of Term 3 to trouble maker. It was awesome and heaps of fun to do, fast paced and a bit of bum shaking! Just the way I like it! (Sorry to those of you overseas who can't see it, due to copyright issues YouTube have banned it from being seen in some countries)



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