Pole Burn with Chilli (aka Erotic Aerobics)

Pole Burn? No it's not that awful redness you get from sliding down the pole at a rapid speed when you're super sticky. Pole Burn is the newest sensation to take over Bobbis Pole Studio (well at least for about an hour this afternoon it did).

It is the brain child of the amazing Chilli Rox, basically it's a high intensity pole work out with lots of cardio and basic pole moves done repeatedly, whilst wearing sexy 80's workout gear!!

Chilli in her sexy 80's workout gear
Warming up is very important kiddies!!

So what did we do? We did a lot.. and we didn't stop!! The workshop went for just over an hour and once we started there was no stopping!! (obviously we could stop when we wanted to have a drink, go to the bathroom or in my case apply a bandaid, but the class kept going!). 
There was the usual warm up moves to start with warming up the shoulders, wrists and hips, with the added pelvic thrusts that we all loved!! Then into my (and a few others) favourite.. the grapevine!! 

We also did some pole combos, that included vanessa's, spinning climbs, jamilla's and knee spins, with each combo done on each side and done at least four times. Then, combined all together and repeated a few times (I'm tired just thinking about it). 

Then into more cardio (more grapevines woohoo!!) star jumps, running around the pole and sit-ups and push ups! 

We finished off with a great cool down, stretching our splits and stuff.

It was such a fun workshop, we all had an absolute blast and were all completely buggered afterwards. If the workshop runs again I'll definitely be signing up and think everyone should, it's a great workout and lots of fun.

And of course, I took my heart rate monitor with me to see how many calories I burned...  


Before the Workshop...

The Aftermath


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