Pole Kisses aka Bruises, how to get rid of them quickly.

When it comes to Pole Dancing, bruises are a guarantee. From your first spin on the pole there's a good chance you'll wake up the next morning with one.

Bruise from the first time I got the
Bruises are fantastic! If you're like me you show off your bruises with pride to anyone and everyone with a full length story of the move responsible for it! And occasionally when you're getting dressed in the morning you'll discover a new bruise in a totally random place which will leave you wondering what the hell it was that caused it, which is usually discovered the next time you're doing the move and hit the bruised spot.

But sometimes they can be a major pain in the butt, especially when you want to keep on working on the move or combo that bruised you in the first place and you can't because it hurts to much! Or if you want to wear a nice short dress out but your legs are covered in purple and brown spots. But never fear, there are things out there to heal your bruises faster. 


Arnica is a homeopathic remedy and comes in two forms, cream and tablets, and will help reduce the swelling, bruising and associated pain. The cream works best if it is applied immediately and needs to be re-applied every four hours. The tablets are very small and placed under the tongue (the box suggest for adults two tablets under the tongue every 30 mins for the first four doses then every four hours after that). I've had them before and they taste okay, almost sugary.

You should be able to find the cream or the tablets at your chemist or just order it online.

Hirudoid cream:
 Hirudoid cream is available at chemists, it contains heparinoid which works by dissolving small blood clots and improving the blood supply to the skin. The instructions for how to use the cream are on the packaging and like Arnica should also be applied to the bruise as soon as possible. It however also contains ingredients that can cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin so if you're unsure maybe check with your doctor or pharmacist before you use it.  

Bobbis Bruise Balm:

Bobbis Bruise Balm is available at Bobbis pole studio and like the other two works best when applied as soon as possible! It contains arnica, which helps the bruise heal faster. I carry a tub in my pole bag with my grip aids. Always handy to have on hand. 

I've tried all of these products over the last few years and they all work really well (most of the information I got about these products is from google, if you have sensitive skin or a lot of allergies etc please seek a doctors advice, I'm no expert when it comes to stuff like that).

If all else fails and you need to cover up your bruises, get some really good concealer or a nice long sleeve  top and some pants should do the trick!



  1. Aerial Amy suggests Traumeel but I haven't tried it yet. http://aerialamy.com/blog/2011/04/01/black-and-blues/ Just thought I'd share. :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm so glad you were able to go steroid free.

  3. Thank you for sharing Great Post!!!


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