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Getting a good good grip on the pole can be a major battle, I know when I first started I slipped and slid all over the place and I couldn't understand how all the other girls in my class were sticking to the pole no problems let alone how the girls in the advanced classes were managing to defy gravity without slipping and falling on their heads.

There are a whole heap of grip aids for pole out there, you just need to find the one (or ones) that is right for you and the type of pole you use. I've found that while some products work great on brass poles when I've danced on a chrome or titanium pole I might as well have coated myself in Vaseline for all the good it did.

Here are the ones that I know of (and I've tried most of them as well) and my thoughts on them. 

DRY HANDS: I've used Dry Hands a few times and have decided that for me this is the perfect grip aid for dancing on Chrome or Titanium Poles. If I use it when I'm dancing on a brass pole and use it I don't find it helps me much at all. But I know girls who swear by it. It's a good one to try if you sweat a lot. For more info visit the Dry Hands Website (Australia)


TITE GRIP: This has to be my favourite at the moment.. well it has been for the last couple of years, it works very similar to Dry Hands, however for some reason with my skin it just works better. It's an orange liquid that smells sort of like toothpaste and leaves your hands with chalk type texture on it. Like Dry hands it's an antiperspirant meant for your hands, I like to put some on my thighs and back and shoulder as well if it's really hot (I sweat a lot). I love this stuff!!!! for more info have a look at the Tite Grip Website


Hairspray (it's not just for your hair): Sounds pretty simple right? Hairspray of any kind will do? Well yes and no, pretty much any hairspray will give you a bit of stick there are some that are better than others. If you want to try hairspray (or you do use it and the one you're using isn't that great) then I recommend you try one that comes in a pump spray. Why? Well I have been told by a very smart friend of mine that most of the aerosol cans are water based and don't provide much stick, the pump sprays aren't water based, and I know for a fact that they are super sticky. I don't generally use hairspray on my hands, just on my legs and body if I'm feeling extra slippery. I love the VO5 Megahold (see pictured above).

Shaving Gel: Shaving Gel is great for your legs and body for a bit of extra stick, I use the Gillette Satin Care Wild Berry, I try and stay away for the extra moisturising ones, they did have one that was like an Ocean type thing that smelled like play-doh that was super sticky but they don't make it anymore :( . Mens shaving gel works pretty well too.. it will leave you smelling like a guy though so it might raise a few questions from your boyfriend haha


iTac2: iTac is what I would describe as being a wax type substance, and it's not a grip aid that I use, mainly because it doesn't work for me, especially on my hands I find I stick for maybe one move then I'm slippery again. However I have friends that swear by it and love it. So give it a try. I don't suggest putting it directly on the pole though it can be a pain in the butt to get off.


Mighty Grip: I can't actually tell you much about this one, I've never tried it before but it's an option out there so it's worth giving a try.

Mighty Grip Gloves: Another one that I haven't tried and to be honest don't plan to. These are great for those who have sweaty hands and possibly sensitive skin on your hands. I personally feel safer with my skin on the pole. 

Liquid Chalk: I had to get a friend of mine that lives in the UK to send me over some of this stuff because I couldn't find anywhere that shipped to Australia. I really like Liquid chalk, it pretty much is what it says, and works fantastic on chrome and titanium poles, not so much on brass.

Rosin: Rosin is what ballet dancers use on the bottom of their ballet shoes so they don't slip on floor. It can also be used as a grip aid for pole (YAY), Its usually quite cheap (around $9 - $10 ) for a half kilo bag from most dance stores. This is another product that I don't use because it doesn't work with my skin. But it can be great, I have friends who use this with hairspray and stick like glue to the pole. Rosin is like a powdery kind of substance and can go everywhere creating a huge mess so maybe put some in an old sock or stocking.

Calluses: If you've been poling for a while you'll know all about these babies, as ugly and horrible as they are they're part and parcel of being a pole dancer. Don't fret though, they won't last forever, well they'll stick around for as long as you're poling but, when you stop they'll eventually disappear (give it a week or two) and you're man hands will go back to being as smooth as a babies bum!! I have so many calluses it's ridiculous, and I find I pick at them and peel of the skin all the time (especially when I'm in meetings at work).

When it comes to grip aids you'll need to play around with different combos of different products to find out what works for you and your skin. What works for me might not work for you so don't get upset when one product doesn't work for you, try something else, try two different products together. And do your best to cut back on the product, so that one day you can pole grip aid free..... (I should probably take my own advice and try and cut back on the grip aid.. maybe one day :P  )

There are probably other grip aids out there that I haven't covered in here too..



  1. Great post, I wasn't aware of liquid chalk, I'll have to give it a try since I spend a lot of time on the pull up bar & putting on chalk all the time looks cool, but it's tedious

    And I also pick on my calluses all the time! haha...

  2. Hello,

    I'm buying a brass pole this week and I'm considering buying a grip aid since my hands are usually so sweaty, I find it extremely hard to hold on to the pole without falling on my butt.

    Which grip do you suggest for sweaty hands using a brass pole? Thanks!

    1. I use tite grip but I know a lot of girls use dry hands and love it, you'll just need to find what works best for your skin. Also get some shaving cream to help your legs stick to the pole.


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