Did someone say Miss Pole Dance Australia??

Since the first time I went to a Miss Pole Dance Australia Final, I've dreamt of entering, and this year, I'm finally doing it, and to be honest it excites and terrify's me all at the same time.

I'm no novice when it comes to Pole Comps, I've entered my fair share, I think once Michelle Shimmy, when introducing me before I went on stage, describe me as a bit of a pole comp tart.. She's right, if theres a comp on and I can get there I'll do it.
Felix Cane
Miss Pole Dance Australia
2006, 2008/09 and 2011

But Miss Pole Dance Australia, for me, is on a whole different level. Competing against girls who a majority of are professional pole dancers, they're teachers and paid professionals, and I find this daunting. At the end of the day I'm just a student, I do 5 pole classes a week and train for a few hours on a Sunday. I guess I feel like a bit of an underdog, and that's fine with me.

When I decided last year that I was going to enter the NSW heat, I started planning straight away, because as I have a full time job I knew that being organised was going to be really important. First thing I decided I needed to do, was get get serious about my weight and essentially my eating habits. So in August/September I started watching what I ate and going to the gym more regularly, It's now April and I'd tell you exactly how much weight I've lost but I forgot to keep a record of how much I weighed when I started., I think I was around 72 kgs and was a Size 12-14 depending.. Now I weigh 64.3kgs (first time I've been this light since High School) and in a Size 10!! For me while I like seeing the numbers go down on the scales, it's more about the measurements. I know i've lost over 7cm on my hips this year alone!! It's been a slow process, but that's okay, I think I'll be more likely to keep the weight off doing it this way. As well as going to the gym and pole classes I've been seeing a Personal Trainer at the gym once a week for half an hour, which doesn't sound like much, but you'd be surprised at how much ass kicking can get done in 30 mins! I always have to lie on the floor for 5 mins after each session is over. I've recently started with a new PT, as my old one left, I've only done two sessions with him and I've already told him I hate him :)

Cleo "The Hurricane"
Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012
The next thing to do was to pick a theme and music, which I'm glad I've done already!! One less thing to stress about. I'm not going to say what my theme is or tell you the music I've chosen, it's going to be a surprise!! I'm totally in love with what I've chosen and I love love love my music choice!!

So now that that's all under control I'm just training as much as possible, trying to come up with new tricks and getting stronger and trying to get moves that I've been trying to get for ages but never really had the motivation to push for before.

In the past I've never really had anything to work towards, I've always just entered pole comps for fun, not really fussed about winning just enjoying the experience. But now having a goal and working towards it, I'm more motivated and focused and I love it.

The most exciting thing at the moment is that in the next few weeks I'm going to see the amazing Georgia of Georgia Moon Costumes to talk to her about the ideas I have about my costume. For me, I think this is the most exciting part, I love getting new costumes especially ones with lots of sparkly bits!! Sequins and crystals!! In my world a costume just isn't a costume if it isn't sparkly. I can't wait to see Georgia and start planning my costume!! When it comes to costumes Georgia is the best by far!

Soon, the tricky part comes, trying to put together a routine. Usually, I work best under pressure and I pretty much finish choreographing my routines the week before a comp. This won't do for MPD, I want to have my routine done at least a month before hand so that I can fine tune it and make any changes.

Miss Pole Dance Australia

You may be thinking, shit, she's taking this all a bit seriously, isn't pole all about having fun? Well the answer is yes I am taking this quite seriously, because I have so many time constraints (with work etc) I am making a sacrifices in other areas of my life, since Sunday is my training day and it is also the day that if we have any family get togethers for birthdays etc I'm missing out on a lot of those events. I'm sure my family understands they know how much I love pole and that I want to do my best at MPD. There are also fewer late nights out happening on Saturday nights because I want to make sure that I'm not to tired to go into the studio and train the next day.

I'm also investing a lot of money into Miss Pole, between my classes, practice time, petrol, parking, private lessons, costume, shoes and hair extensions (did I forget to mention that?? YES HAIR EXTENSIONS!! WOO!!) it adds up to a fair lot of cash. Not that I'm complaining, I could do this cheaper, I'm choosing not to because I want to do the best I can and all these things will help me. But it's also the reason why, there is a good chance that this may be the one and only time I enter (don't quote me on that though, I may change my mind).

So now what I need to do is fill out the entry form and send it in, which a thought that makes my tummy do back flips! To put it in perspective, the day the dates for the heats were announced I freaked out and had to console myself with a bowl of ice cream, cause ice cream fixes everything!! But I really should do it soon because I keep having mild moments of panic that I do everything but forget to submit my entry, the sooner I do it the better.

All this being said,  if you feel you need a kick in the pants and some motivation, set yourself a goal, whether it's to get up to the next level by a certain time or to enter your first comp, and work your butt off to achieve it! you'll thank yourself later.



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    1. HAHAHA I know!! I'm so excited! my hair is pretty long at the moment, but with the extensions is going to be like a mane!! it's going to be interesting to see how I go dancing with hair that long!!

  2. Billie, you are amazing! Good on you for pushing onto the next level, i will make sure that i'm there cheering on for you all the way!!
    Really looking forward to your next performance!



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