So You Think You Can Fall Off a Pole.

As pole dancers we all fear at some stage that we're going to have a massive stack off the pole right?? For me that moment came true, and not only did I have a massive fall I had a massive fall on stage during a competition.

This is what happened.

It was the first Pole Candy Semi Pro Competition run by Suzie Q Pole Studio,  and let me tell you I was pretty nervous, actually probably the most nervous I've ever been before a comp. Anyway I was half way through my routine when I was coming out of this move (i'm not sure what it's called or even if it has a name), but here is a photo of Felix doing it (cause I don't have a nice one of me).

Felix Cane - Photo By Daniel Boud

As I was coming out of it my top had slipped off the pole and I fell, face first, and hit the floor. I was about a metre up the pole at the time so as you can imagine it was a pretty scary moment, not just for me but for everyone who was there watching.

What I did next:

After I got over the initial shock of hitting the floor the first thing I did was push myself up enough to see if there was any blood on the floor, then checked my teeth with my tongue to make sure they were all still there. Then while I was lying there I heard someone in the audience yell out "GET UP" so I did (a couple of days later when I was telling this to one of the girls that was there, she told me that no one had said a word, it must have been my "inner showgirl" telling me to get up.. if that's true, my inner showgirl is a man, cause I distinctly heard a mans voice! haha)

There were two poles on the stage and I thought to myself if you can walk from this pole to the other one without falling over you're good to go. So I did, made it and figured well I might as well keep going. I finished my routine, bloody face and all.

Coming off stage my first instinct was to cry, not because I was in pain but because I was absolutely mortified that I'd fallen in front of so many people including some of my teachers who had come to watch.

After one of the other contestants (who happened to be a doctor) had a look at my face, I was taken to the hospital by the lovely Michelle Shimmy (Shimmy has a blog to.. you can follow it here Shimmys Pole Diary ) and Belle Azalea, who waited with me until my mum arrived to wait with me.

It took me about 10 months before I got the balls to try that move again, and when I did, I made sure that someone was there holding me.

In Hindsight:

Getting up and continuing with my routine was probably the stupidest thing to do. I could have had major neck injuries or who knows what. I should have got up and left the stage straight away. Lucky for me I didn't do any major damage and the Doctor at the hospital cleared me to go back to class the next day (I wasn't in a hurry to do that, I waited 3 days before I went back).


I ended up with a split lip which needed to be glued together, a black eye, a massive lump on my head, a sore neck (probably a bit of whiplash) and a sore shoulder. My nose, which I was sure I'd broken, thankfully was fine.

Two people have told me they have video footage of my routine, including the fall, but quite frankly I don't really want to see it. It was bad enough happening, I have no need to relive the moment.

Here is a before photo from the night, I was doing a Wizard of Oz themed routine. 

Picture taken by Lyndal Irons
and here's what I looked like after:

at least the blood matched my costume.
Photo by Liz Machan Photography


  1. Ouch! Falling off the pole in front of a bunch of people I know is one of my biggest performance fears, it's awesome to know that you survived it and still love performing. You are crazy brave!

  2. Ahhhh honey that was one of the most frightening moments of my life as well! I just wanted to rush onstage and grab you - I couldn't believe you kept going! As you say probably not the best move safety wise but I'm pretty sure you will go down in pole history as one of the most hardcore pole dancers ever....! I remember being shaky for about a week afterwards just thinking of that fall, and what could have happened arghhhh.... can only imagine how you must have felt. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN HARDCORE!!! xxx

    1. Aww thanks Shimmy!! and thanks again for everything you did for me that night xxxx

  3. Eeeek! I'm impressed that you got up and carried on, impressed in equal parts by your bravery and foolishness for continuing and thank for that you didn't do yourself a much more serious injury and that you are here today to write this lovely inspirational blog and carry on poling.


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