There are a lot of things I love about pole, and the shoes (for those of us who wear them) are right up the top (with the sparkly costumes of course!!)

I won't deny that I have a shoe obsession, my mother constantly tells me, why do you have so many shoes? YOU ONLY HAVE TWO FEET! 

I remember the day I bought my first pair of pole shoes, a pair of 5 3/4 inch pleaser heels with sliver straps that went across the my toes and a thin sliver strap that wrapped around my ankle (and some sparkles on the straps of course). I also remember when they broke, such a sad day. I still have those shoes, mum kept my first ever pair of ballet shoes, my pole shoes are just as special to me.

Right now I have lost count of how many pairs I have, but this should give you some idea. I have about 8 or 9 pairs lined up on my window sill, a 30 Litre storage tub full, about 5 pairs sitting on top of that storage tub and six pairs in boxes sitting at the end of my bed. Did I mention that I like shoes?

A lot of girls at Bobbis ask me where I get my shoes , so I'm going to share my favourite places to buy my pole shoes from (note: most of these places are based in Australia)

Shoes of Hollywood is a site I stumbled on one day, they're located in Brisbane QLD. I've ordered a heap of shoes from there, they've always been nothing but helpful and postage is a flat rate. Most of their shoes are Pleaser but they also stock Karo's Shoes and they have Ellie's shoes listed but at the time of posting this there was nothing listed in the links. They also have costumes. (just be careful if you go on their website if you're at work cause there are a few semi naughty looking photo's that may not go down to well with your co-workers)

Summer is a teacher/performer at Bobbis Pole Studio in Sydney, you can also order pleaser shoes through Summer. She has an album of photos on her Facebook page. You can contact her on facebook (click on her name up there and, if I've done it right, it should take you to her facebook profile) above and let her know which ones you're after. The shoes (in my opinion) are probably the cheapest prices that you'll find for pleasers. If you're a Bobbis girl she'll drop them off at the studio for you. If you're not from Bobbis or in another state she'll post them to you!! 

If someone buys me these, I will give them my first born child..
If I ever have one.

High Heels - Surrey Hills

High Heels is located on Elizabeth St in the City (Sydney) and is a great place to go if you're in rush for a new pair of heels. You can also order off their website and they have the occasional sale at Bobbis as well!! They also stock costumes from Leg Avenue and Hot Pants from 007 Heaven. I love going in there, it's like a shoe and sparkly wonderland!! 

and now to one of my most favourite places to buy pole shoes from

The name says it all really, what girl doesn't love glitter?? These shoes are nothing short of amazing (so much so I have 9 pairs). The shoes are hand made by Tiffany Hayden, and are made to order. She has pretty much every colour of the rainbow available in many different style of shoe and heel height. She also has started doing stripped versions of the heels. For hand made shoes, the prices are a steal!! International postage is reasonable as well. She uses Ellie Heels to make them, and I've found them to be the same type of fit.

7 Inch Blue Hawaii with Black Foot Bed
I have these, and I have to admit they're my
absolute favourite pair.
Ms Bootie
The person who buys me these will have my undying love FOREVER!!

Of course there are plenty of other places to buy pole shoes from but these are my favourites, and I promise if I come up with any other great finds I'll let you know.



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