No, Billie is not my real name

So you may be wondering why? Why choose a stage/pole name? What's wrong with the name my parents gave me?

Well there's nothing wrong with my name, it's okay i guess, obviously not what I would have chosen for myself but hey, who out there is really happy with the name they were given by their parents?

A lot of the girls in the pole world use a stage name, and some for different reasons. For me it was mainly because I thought my name was boring, but the more I think about it the more i realise how much it makes sense for me to separate the everyday me from the pole me, and probably not for the reasons your thinking.

Everyone I know is well aware that I pole dance, I might as well have "I'm a pole dancer and proud of it" tattooed across my forehead. So my reason is not to keep those lives separate. For me, when I'm on stage I feel like I become a completely different person. I'm more confident, I feel sexier and feel more comfortable in my own skin then when I'm walking around being the "normal" me. It's actually hard to put the feeling into words. I guess you have to experience to understand.

So why Billie??

Well it all started when I entered my first pole comp, I knew I wanted a stage name but what? Cause once you've picked it and people start knowing you as it, you're pretty much stuck with it. I tossed a few ideas around with some girls at the studio, all of which got a resounding. NO that's not you. I'd been watching a lot of Secret Diary of a Call Girl at this time and the main character in the show Billie Piper popped into my head. I thought to myself OMG Billie.. it's a combination of Bobbi (THE Bobbi, you know who I'm talking about, and if you don't you should) and Chilli, but with an e at the end, and that was pretty much it.

Along the way my stage name became Billie Cans, however, with recent weight loss my "Cans" have shrunk and they're not quite worthy of the title anymore.. haha



  1. Woohoo! Hope you can pass on some trick and performance tips! :)

    1. If I have any I will :P xx Might have to hit you up for some blog related help one day soon x

    2. I so need help picking a stage name - it's exactly like you said - I can't think of one that's "me"...

    3. It's sooo hard!! But it will come to you!! Maybe try looking through some baby name websites??

      one of the names I had picked out that wasn't "me" was Lacey and I've always thought that Gem Stone would be an awesome stage name (to bad for me I thought of it well after I picked mine haha)

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