A little bit about me.

Hi I'm Billie.. and yes I'm a self confessed Poleaholic (and for the record, no Billie is not my real name)

Photo by Adam Jay

I've never blogged before so please bear with me... I will also warn you now, my spelling's not the best so apologies in advance for that.

I guess I should start with a bit about me and how I became so Pole Dance obsessed.

In July 2007 one of my best friends decided to have her birthday at Bobbis Pole Studio, something fun and different. Having a back ground in dance I was all for it and couldn't wait, and needless to say after the 1.5 hour class we were all tipsy and I was hooked!! We ran straight up to my friends work (late on a Saturday night) to get on the website and choose a beginners class to enrol in. The rest, as they say is history.

I started my first beginners class on my 26th Birthday, a some what shy and completly insecure girl. Today 4.5 years on, I'm the most confident person I've ever been, I'm more comforable with my body and with who I am, and I have pole dancing to thank for that :) . I've been taking classes at Bobbis Pole Studio in Sydney for 4.5 years and have slowly worked my way up to Advanced. It's safe to say Bobbis is my home away from home, my true happy place.

These days my life revolves around pole and when I can get my next "fix". I plan most of my life around my classes and training, and you can pretty much bet that if I'm not on a pole.. I'm thinking about it in some way.

I've entered a few competitions over the last 18 months and have once again fallen in love with being on stage. From picking music to the sparkly costumes i love it all, i even enjoy the nerves sometimes. And who doesn't love to show off every now and then?

There's much more to me and my pole obsession which will become more apparent the more I blog (that is such a funny word), but I guess this will do for now.


P.S. I like to say Balls... a lot.



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