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Cleo's Rock n' Pole

In 2013 Cleo The Hurricane  released her first DVD Rockin Legs n' Abs (RLnA) which was a huge success! Pole Dancers (and non polers) around the world are getting more flexible by the day!                    In March 2013 Cleo released her latest DVD Cleo's Rock N Pole, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! And let me tell you I wasn't disappointed.                             The first thing I did after it arrived was sat in bed and watched the DVD from start to finish, at the time I was pretty sick and hitting play on my DVD remote was about as much exercise as I could manage, and I got exhausted just watching it! This DVD differs from RLnA, while RLnA's is focused on strength and flexibility Rock N Pole, has four fun routines to learn as well as strength exercises and tutorials of the pole tricks featured in the routines. So when I was finally feeling better and had some free time I decided to give the DVD a crack, and whoa, I had no idea