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Some one got some new pole shoes

High heels at Surry Hills had a sale at Bobbis yesterday afternoon, usually I'm pretty good at resisting temptation but when I saw these babies how could I say no? Since they were in my size and fit like a glove I took it as a sign that they had to be mine and now I don't want to take them off!!! I also justified the purchase because they were $30 off and I haven't bought any new pole shoes since February and I broke a pair last week and another pair that I have are almost dead to. Merry Christmas to me!! 7 inch Leopard Print shoes by Karos Shoes. Karos Shoes Website Billie xxx

I love a good tummy hold!

I remember the first time I ever did a no handed Jamilla (cradle) and how much pain it caused. I swore I'd never do it again, 12 months later I decided to give it another go and surprisingly it didn't hurt and I've been in love with them ever since.  There aren't many girls at Bobbis that like the tummy grip so I usually just play around with stuff on my own, until now! I've finally found someone that loves them just as much (possibly even more) as me!! WOOHOO!!  This morning Jaxie and I decided to play around with a few things, I taught her a new move that was in my Miss Pole routine, that seems to be really popular at the moment. We also got it on video!! I don't know the name of the move so if you know what it's called let me know! Then I worked on the no handed Jamilla into left leg horizontal split (jade split on the left). I had it last year but when I tried it again a couple of weeks ago I failed. Today I figured out what I was doing wrong