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Everyone has a favourite pole move, and right now the Batwing is mine. This move was created by the amazing Alethea Austin and is a pretty advanced and painful move so be careful before you decide to give it a go.  I was lucky enough to learn how to do the Batwing from Alethea herself last year in one of her workshops when she was in Australia for MPD, I got it the first time I tried it however it didn't look any where as good as Aletheas and it hurt like hell. Alethea doing a variation of the Batwing.  Where did it hurt? Well before I tried it Alethea did warn that it killed her back every time she'd done it because the pole is across her back. I was lucky, my back was fine (I think it's because I have a bigger layer of fat there to protect my spine than she does), but my poor left forearm took a beating! For months and months and months of practising it I would end up with a huge bruise on my arm and depending on how many times I put myself through it

Winter, the Flu and MPD.

It's officially winter, but honestly it feels like it's been Winter around here for ages. Usually I enjoy this time of year, I love rugging up even though getting out of bed in the morning seems to be the hardest thing on the planet to do. However, right now, I have no love for winter. I'm on my second consecutive day at home in bed (with the occasional trip to the lounge room for a change of scenery) after been struck down with the flu. I also spent Monday, I went to work on Tuesday but woke up even worse on Wednesday. Being a viral flu the doctor told me there is nothing much I can do but stay in bed, rest my body, drink lots of hot fluids and have three - four hot showers a day. I'm also lucky enough for this to be affecting my sinus and ears which is such a delight. I love having blocked ears and waking up every morning with my eyes glued shut. On the plus side, I'm starting to feel better now, just have to shake this cough and get rid of that annoying ringi

Long weekend Freestyling

Freestyling or Free Dancing, basically chucking some music on and seeing where it takes you. To be honest, I totally suck at it, I always feel like a bit of a deer in headlights and always end up forgetting every single move I've ever learnt and then end up doing body roll after body roll after body roll. So this morning, in an attempt to get better at it, I decided that I would try and freestyle once a week, video it and upload it on to YouTube for the world to see. This afternoon, despite being sick with the flu, sinus and an ear ache (why I even went to the studio is beyond me), I picked a song that came on my iPod on the drive into the studio. Being a bit of a wet miserable day in the city, the mood of the song seemed to fit. Videoing is also a good way to find out things that you need to work on. However, right now, I can't bring myself to watch it.  I will eventually. (Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, been so busy with work and training that I