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Going Coastal, a play date at The Peach.

Only really being able to train on a Sunday (I do classes during the week but I can only really train on the things I want to work on on a Sunday) can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Usually when my family get together to celebrate birthdays etc it's on a Sunday and usually up the coast at my Aunty's place. Which means I have to decide between seeing my family and going to train, I hate having to do it. I love my family and I love spending time with them, especially my second cousins. Last year when I was training for Miss Pole I missed out on a few celebrations which left me feeling guilty (self inflicted, my family are more than supportive and totally understood and never put pressure on me to choose between training and seeing them). However this is no longer going to be a problem! Last year Daisy (who used to teach at Bobbis) opened up The Peach Pole Studio   in Erina which is a handy 10 minute drive from my Aunty's place! WOOHOO!! A couple of weekend's ago

You gotta keep 'em separated

I've been pole dancing for just about five and a half years now and I've never really worried (or given much thought to) the photos and posts etc I put on my account. I've always been really open about the fact that I pole dance and had a "if you have a problem with it then that's your problem not mine" attitude. My profile has been public for ages, I didn't really care to be honest, and will pretty much accept a friend request from anyone who has a profile pic of them self on a pole. Recently I've been giving it a bit of thought, while I don't care about what people see there is a good chance that if any of my clients at work decided to do a facebook search for me there's a good chance they might not like what they see. Now I don't really care what they think of me, but my employer might (even though they are fully aware of my pole dancing addiction).  What to do? Well, last week I thought it might be time to separate the real me f

A few days left to watch Blood Sweat and Sequins online (for those of us in Australia)

The documentary Blood Sweat and Sequins that followed three of Australia's best pole dancers as they prepared to compete for the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia was aired on SBS at the end of January. I've watched it twice (and have recorded it on our foxtel iq (like tivo) at home so I can watch it again and again) so far and it was fantastic. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. But the three girls are engaging and I think they represent Pole Dancing well. You can watch the documentary for the next couple of days on the SBS website HERE Billie xxx

Pole Goal # 4 Muscle Up!

So in my post My Pole Goals for 2013  I said that I'd already accomplished one of my pole goals for 2013. That goal was *DRUM ROLL*  THE MUSCLE UP!! When I first decided that I wanted to start working on it I thought it would take me the better part of the year to get. Obviously I was wrong. I started working on it one Sunday in Practice time and got it on my 2nd attempt! I was pretty shocked and tried it a few more times but couldn't get it again without using my foot to pull myself over. Since then I've tried to practice it as much as possible, it usually takes a few attempts at it before I can get up and I've never been able to get video evidence of it.. UNTIL NOW!! I decided to set up my camera on Friday afternoon and video it until I got it. I failed five times, gave up and turned the camera off, then went no once more and I'll get it. AND I DID!! So here it is my muscle up!! Now I just need to be able to do it consistently. Billie

Freestyle Video

So a few days ago Shimmy posted on her blog about free styling, after finally getting around to reading it today there was on thing that really stuck with me, a quote from Kelly Yvonne   " No! Never apologise for your movement! Never apologise for your dancing! "   So after reading Shimmy's post I felt a bit brave, I actually video'd myself free styling to a Rihanna song at the beginning of the year and I've just uploaded it to YouTube. On the day when I'd finished the Freestyle I could't watch it because I felt like what I had done wasn't perfect. About a week later I did end up watching it and while it wasn't as bad as I thought I still was pretty unhappy about it so decided not to put it on YouTube.  After watching it again tonight after I uploaded it, I actually don't think it's as bad as I originally thought, being the perfectionist that I am I probably should come to terms with the fact that there is always something that I'